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The Wise Investor

feel powerless any longer. Yes, I don't have any
money, but at least I don't feel like a naive
John and Kate rose from the bench and walked
slowly through the park, past still ponds and through
clusters of green trees.
It was late afternoon now, and most of the
people had left for their homes. Only the sounds of
the animals met their ears; the sweet song of the
sparrows, the splashing of the ducks on the lake and
the excited barks of dogs in the distance.
There were still the faint sounds of the city, the
hustle and bustle of people as they went about their
business, and the quiet hum of distant traffic. Here,
though, it seemed a million miles away. It was
comforting to know that there were people around,
and yet still hear the sweet sounds of the animals.
The air was noticeably cooler, and the sun had
become a rosy glow on the horizon. Eventually, the
path lead them back to where they had started, as
paths often do.
"So, John, one last topic before dinner?" Kate
said with a playful smile. "Something useful this
time, I hope," she said with a passable imitation of
"Bitch!" her grandfather exclaimed. He had
never said this to her before, but now that her jibes
were becoming more regular, be felt safe in taking a
risk and teasing her.
Kate simply laughed.
3.9 Inflation
"Well," said John becoming serious, "there is one
more thing we should discuss today. We will return