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The Wise Investor

"Please!" said Kate with mock disgust. She was guilty
herself of quoting Alice in Wonderland, so she could hardly
blame him for doing the same. Still, she was not going to
miss the opportunity to have a friendly jab at her
"My dear," said John ignoring her protest, "we have
covered two major topics now, personal money management
and the nature of our economic system. This seems to have
helped you greatly, and you will be receiving my bill shortly."
"Bastard!" said Kate, slapping John's arm in mock
irritation. "I should charge you for having to put up with your
endless stories!"
John laughed.
"Only kidding my dear. Now, we have covered the first
two major topics, and there are two major ones to go.
These are the principles of successful investment, and
details of specific investments. Never let it be said that we
finished half-way through."
"Go on, John," said Kate, smiling. Every time they had a
long break, there was a nagging worry in her mind that they
would never resume their talks on money.
She was actually quite relieved that he had brought up
the subject.
"I am keen to learn more. I have thought about the things
that you have told me, and I see that they are important.
I also see, though, that you are setting the scene for the
next major topic, the discussion on investment. Let's start."
Kate was quite excited.
"First, and most important of all, I will describe the
attitude and approach that you should have to investment.
This is where most people go wrong. It is the most
important factor in successful investment. If you have the
right attitude and use a sensible approach, the rest will fall
into place by itself.
Now, there are several approaches people take to
investment. Only one is correct, and only one is consistently