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The Wise Investor

In their arrogance, politicians and economists
believe that they have complete control, believe they
can achieve any economic conditions they wish.
The greater their arrogance in managing the
economy, the greater the penalty that nature
rewards them with.
Until they can accept that they are not in control,
that the economy is a living, growing organism and
not a machine, until they can accept that cycles are
healthy and inevitable, they will never understand
the system they are responsible for. Until then, they
can never fulfil their responsibility of providing a
healthy environment where the economy can grow
and flourish."
John stopped speaking, and remained silent for
some time. Kate said nothing, not wishing to disturb
him. Finally, he seemed to come out of a trance, and
turned to her with an embarrassed smile on his face.
"I'm sorry, my dear," he said, "I've been rambling
I have been talking like a silly old man, instead of
keeping to the practical things you asked me for. At
least I kept to economics, but I'm sure you don't
want to hear all these boring things."
"On the contrary, grandfather," Kate replied in a
strong voice, "I very much want to hear it. It may
not be directly relevant to my own finances, but it is
fascinating all the same.
Everything you tell me about money is opening
my mind.
I am beginning to understand what you meant,
when you said I needed to understand the 'system'.
I am beginning to see my money and life in a
completely different way.
Grandfather, I will never be able to think the
same way after this.
I understand the world so much more, and I don't