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The Wise Investor

1.2 Achieving financial
As John began speaking, his initial hesitation
dissolved and his confidence grew. Unsure where to
begin at first, the picture became clearer and clearer
to him the more he spoke.
"Your wealth, Kate, is your store of assets.
These may be properties, shares in companies and
cash deposits. Your assets give you security and
freedom. If you are ever sick or injured, or unable to
work for any reason, you will not suffer from lack
of money. When you have a reserve of quality
assets, Kate, you will not be vulnerable in the way
that you are now. You will have more choices in
your life, and you need not fear the future as you do
now. This security and peace of mind is invaluable
Kate. Even if nothing ever goes wrong, the worries
and fears that you feel at the moment reduce the
quality of your life. This places a strain onto every
day of your life. If you like, I will talk for a while
about increasing your wealth, and building a secure
financial future."
Kate was listening intently.
"Money comes to us from three sources Kate.
First, we may be given it. This includes inheritances,
government benefits and lottery wins.
These items are usually beyond our control,
although you must make the most of the money that
you receive. We will look at this a little later.
The second source of money is our job. I will
suggest various ways to improve the income from
your job, however the real area to work on is the
third source of income.
This income comes from your assets. Investment