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The Wise Investor

3.6 Cash and other currency
It was a bright, sunny day. The wind blew strongly
through the park, so strongly that Kate's long skirt
needed constant attention. John sat on the bench,
absorbing the feeling of nature into himself.
As he sat on the bench, he was no longer old, he
had the strength of a young man and felt the sweet
joy of a child.
Kate watched her grandfather.
She was having considerable trouble with the
wind, but it didn't seem to bother him at all. In fact,
he had a wild, excited look in his eyes. Kate had
never seen him like this before, and she didn't know
what to make of it.
He didn't look like an old man any longer, he was
alive, fresh and full of energy. John turned to his
granddaughter, his eyes bright and wild with energy.
He was a different person, almost in a trance. "Can
you feel it Katie?" he said excitedly, "Can you feel
the wind? Can you feel the power flowing though
you, the energy of life?"
Kate was scared. She had never seen John like
this before. He had always seemed such a calm
person, a little mysterious perhaps but not weird in
any way at all. Now, she saw the fire in his eyes,
the joy on his face, and she was afraid. She could
almost feel the strength of his will, the power he had
within him.
He was no ordinary man. He was very special,
and at that moment, he looked like he could conquer
the world with ease.
Kate was glad he was on her side, for she
wouldn't want to have him as an enemy.
Eventually, the wind died down, and John opened
his eyes once again. He looked at Kate, a serene,