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The Wise Investor

for business and investment is quite normal and
healthy, and can increase your profits."
John paused for a few deep breaths.
"Now, the baker. The baker employed staff, who
produced an income for the bakery. As long as the
income they produced was greater than their wages,
the baker made a larger profit from the business. Of
course, he still needed equipment for them to use, so
there was a limit to how many people he could
employ, but within limits, the more people he
employed the greater his profit would be.
Kate, if you are simply investing your own
money, and not operating a business, you will not
need to deal with employees. However, it is still
very useful to understand how this system operates.
The use of employees to make a profit is so
fundamental to our economic system, that you could
not hope to see the complete picture without it,.