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The Wise Investor

3.5 Business operation
John was tired. He had been talking all afternoon,
and although Kate was obviously intrigued by what
he said, it was all old hat to him.
He had thought long and hard about these things
over the years, and in the end, he was tired of it all.
John would be happy to sit in the park forever, to
listen to the birds and watch the flowers. All he
wanted was to hear beautiful music, to see the
beautiful things in the world, to be relaxed, peaceful
and happy. There were so many complications, so
many difficulties and problems in the modern world.
It almost made him angry, that the greed and
desire of people had created such a complex edifice
to live in.
They could do what they wanted, but when it
made his life difficult then he wasn't impressed.
Then, of course, there was Kate.
It first, he had been glad to help her, and he
hoped his efforts would make a real difference to
her life. As the weeks went by, though, John
realised what a huge task he had taken on.
There were some topics that interested him, but
on the whole he had said it all before, and there
were more interesting ways to spend his time now.
Still, it was not in his nature to start a job and not
finish it, so he resigned himself to some difficult
afternoons ahead.
"John," said Kate after a long silence, "where did
you learn all this?"
"My dear," John replied with a weak smile,
"there are three steps I took to learn these things.
First, I watched.
I watched the things around me. I noticed that
some people were successful, while others were