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The Vagaries of human destiny

ample time to indulge in her favourite pastime. She would
mostly visit Veena aunty and Revati aunty. Veena and
Revati were friends and had heaps of messages to transmit to
each other. They used Paro for the purpose to save pressure
on inconvenient phones. Paro had another very good reason
also to call on them. Veena’s son Kunal and Revati’s son
Rajan were her classmates.
They shared the same bench in the class and
were diligent students. Though none of them were ten yet,
they knew what they wanted to be. They were friends and
enjoyed each other’s company. They went from one class to
the other till they passed the SSC exam, all with distinctions
in most subjects. Kunal passed with flying colours in maths
and science, Rajan in maths and Paras in social studies.
They joined different colleges for higher
classes. They had different academic interests. So Kunal
joined prominent science college, Rajan chose the best
commerce college and Paras preferred arts college because
of her interest in history, geography and civics. They had
even defined their aims being career conscious unlike most
young people who entertain little or no care what they would
like to be. They are fatalists. They think things would
happen to them as planned by divine force. They are mere
playthings to be tossed about as per supreme force. When
told about the self-effort and will power, they shrug their
shoulders surrendering, as it were, before destiny, unseen
powers or the force of circumstances. Having no faith in
themselves, they have succumbed to nasty attitude which, at
its best, is to accept defeat before actual defeat.
All three friends who were teenagers and lived
in the same close neighbourhood had already calculated the
quality, quantity and number of chickens before they were
on their way to be hatched. Kunal desired to study sciences
and teach in foreign or Indian university. Rajan wanted to
concentrate his energies to gain mastery over commerce and
economics to seek admission in IIM and join his father’s
ever-expanding manufacturing business. Paras wished