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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

A wave is a disruptive disturbance that communicative ly spreads, reproduc ing throughout space and
time, usua lly with the transfer of energy. The frequency of recurring, periodic or cyc lica l processes
(such as rotation, osc illations, or waves) can be defined as the number of cyc les (periods) per unit of
High-frequency waves are inescapable proof that low-frequency waves exist. All the primary waves
of frequency create the white freque ncy. Within the category of white frequency, there is white noise
and white peace. White peace has the potentia l to become white noise , just as white cold has the
potentia l to become white heat. White peace and white noise are permanently interconnected. There is
the category white frequency, and that is inescapable proof, in itse lf, that there is the absence of
frequency. The white frequency and the absence of frequency are everything when it comes to the
category of frequenc y.
A substance without a frequency is not absolute nothingness; it simply re presents the truth that there
is absolute nothingness. One of the properties of absolute nothingness is the absence of a frequency.
Taste can refer to the ability to detect flavor, such as sweet foods, neutra lly bla nd minera ls, and
bitterly poisonous substances. In the brain‟s perception of flavor (the sense of taste in humans and
many other vertebrate anima ls) has long been understood to partner with the less direc t sense of smell.
Sweet is proof of bitter. Pleasant smells are proof of unpleasant sme lls. White taste and white sme ll are