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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

Colors are directly linked to the category of light. For example, it is no mystery that grass that is
visibly green is not really green; it only reflects that color better than it reflects other colors. Light and
dark together allow for colors to be seen. Without light there can be no dark. Darkness, in itself is
inescapable proof that there is light. All the primary rays of light together create white light. Within the
category of white light, there is both cold white light and hot white light. Cold white light has the
potential to become hot white light, and they are permanently interconnected. The opposite of white
light is black dark or the absence of light. White light and black dark are everything when it comes to
the category light. Black dark is not absolute nothingness; it simply represents the truth that absolute
nothingness exists. One of the properties of absolute nothingness is the absence of light.
The sun gives off light, and the pupils allow light to pass through.