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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

snowflake, and the world was blanketed with information. My life started to roll and I grew larger. I
realized that someday my life would come to an end, but I had no fear. Soon I would be trave ling
through a tunne l toward the light aga in.
For me it would be a shame to te ll others the snow the y packed was worth nothing or that what they
belie ved to be truth was worthless. That is an individua l truth, and an individua l truth can be beautiful.
The Universal Truth created all truth, and individua l truth seeks it.
The Universal Truth is the threaded code within absolute ly everything, which a llows all languages
to be deciphered continually. When an individual’s truth has evolved into understanding the Universal
Truth, he or she will speak with that tongue, because the Universa l Truth is the tongue that is
universally relatable. Speaking with this connective universal tongue allows for all that is unknown and
incomprehensible, to become known while looking through the decipherable lens of re latable, se lf-
evident, Universal Truths. The Universa l Truth is binary: 0 and 1.
Single ones are the building blocks for numbers and sequences in every counting system. Larger
numbers were created to distinguish one number from another because they all looke d the same (single
ones). For example , the number ten is used to represent ten ones (1111111111). All numbers of value
are created from single digits. Underneath those building blocks is the unshakable foundation that a ll
numbers, infinity sequences, and their symbols emerged from (one and zero).