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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

are created from single digits. Underneath those building blocks is the unshakable foundation that all
numbers, infinity sequences, and their symbols emerged from (one and zero).
The number one and the placeholder zero will validate the Universal Truth as well as show how
they are the foundation for every number, every mathematical equation and all infinity sequences.
All numbers of value are created from single ones. Zero is the placeholder signifying no value as
shown below.
Before zero was introduced as a placeholder, an empty space was sometimes used to represent it,
mainly because the Universal Truth is the unbreakable and inescapable fact. If there is one, then there
has to be the other. When adding zero to the number one, the mathematical answer appears to be only
one, shown below. When the one is taken away, the zero is revealed.
The mathematical equations above go together like two sides of a coin. Together they equal valuable
understanding. Trying to separate two sides of a coin shatters credibility. There can’t be one without
the other; outside of perception, the question would not exist if the answer did not. The mathematical
equations (0 + 1 = 1 and 1 - 1 = 0) are the foundation upon which all mathematical equations rest.
Likewise, one and zero are the foundation upon which all other numbers were built. The number one
and the placeholder zero are all that are needed to create all other numbers. Numbers can be used
universally to represent all else. All numbers were created from single ones, and that, in itself, is
inescapable proof of zero's existence.
Zero is not absolute zero; it simply represents the truth that there is absolute zero. A single one
represents the truth that there is the cumulation of all single ones, i.e., the largest one. Single ones
perpetually combine to create the largest one. The largest one and absolute zero are everything when it
comes to numbers. All other numbers within them were made in their image.
The process of infinity occurs within the parameters set by absolute zero and one hundred percent of
all numbers.
The absolute Universal Truth is existence, nonexistence, and all that is infinite.