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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

killing, and then doing nothing, he was the rooster that crowed three times. The heavenly work, which
had previously been done, was be ing undone.
The sun was handed over to the empire‟s head judge. The healer was told that a ll he had to say was
that he was not the sun of God, and his body would be released. The healer said to the judge, “You
have no power over me! I am not of your world of perceived separation, but I am from another world of
no separation, and the Universal Truth has power over you and all others.” The empire‟s judge said,
“What is this truth? If you are the sun of God and my truth has no power, then why don‟t you escape?”
This healer responded, “I chose not to escape. I have an army of healers within me, and all I have to do
is speak the Universal Truth and your armies will begin to fall.”
The empire‟s judge did not believe him at all and told the healer again, “Say that you are not the sun
of God.” The healer did not speak, and the judge became furious and calle d on his armies of complete
separation (no love). The judge said to the healer, “You are not the sun of God, and I sentence your
body to a blasphemous physical crucifixion.” The healer then called on his own armies of no separation
(unconditional love) by speaking his own words, “I am the sun of God, and I will give my life
willingly, therefore your truth has no power over me, and my willing sacrifice takes away your sin.”
The empire‟s judge and executioner was no longer furious and became frustrated with himse lf. His
armies had just begun to fall within him, and his power to rule had been taken away for the first time.
He pondered the Universal Truth as the healer walked away willingly to face his death.
Out of the darkness, stones were flung at the healer‟s mind as he carried his cross. The stones
crumbled and fe ll to the ground. He broke bread and fed them. Love your family was one loaf of bread,
and he broke it into “Love your neighbor and enemy, for God is one.” They threw stones at his soul.
His armies of unconditiona l love within him came to his a id, and the stones could not penetrate. The
healer did not become worse, and then evil; instead, he turned the other cheek (“I forgive you, for you
know not what you do.”)
They threw stones at the body, but the body had a lready been given free ly, and so it could not be
taken. A fallen hea ler who was denying that he was one of the disc iples of unconditiona l love flung one
stone. That stone was thrown the hardest; it hit the healer‟s body with force, and he fell to the ground.
A seed of unconditiona l love ran to him and gave him the water of life. The healer drank it and then
turned to his fallen brother and said, “I forgive you.” An individual who was being crucified along with
the healer stopped. He sacrificed his body as another stone was thrown, and he he lped the hea ler to his
feet. The helpers had indeed come!
The healer was hung from his cross, which he had “willingly” agreed to bear. The concept of
turning the other cheek (willing sacrifice), when put into practice, took away all sin. There was no
greater love than to sacrifice one‟s life willingly for everyone, who were part of everything, and there
was nothing that the sun would do that he did not see his heavenly father doing. The bread of life (one