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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

enemy, saying, “O hear me. God is one. Love your family, neighbor, and enemy for that is everything
(God). Love your family, ne ighbor, and enemy as I love you. Everyone is, was, and forever will be
each others’ brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers. In the beginning we all came from one family, will
remain one family, and will return to understanding as one family. Everyone forever will be part of
everything, its children, family!” The religious leaders asked him, “Are you claiming to be the sun of
God?” The healer sighed and said, “I am the sun of God, and I forgive you who are deaf and blind and
can’t hear or see me.” The healer was found guilty of menta l and emotiona l blasphemy, and so he was
taken away to be sentenced to a blasphemous physica l death.
He who had been watching from a distance ran until he was stopped by a seed, who loved and
belie ved in the teachings of unconditiona l love. The seed asked if he was one of those who taught it,
and the one who had been running sa id no. Then he was approached by a seed who was afraid and
doubted the teachings of unconditiona l love. This seed also asked if the one running away was one of
those who taught these teachings, and again the hea ler said no. Then he was approached by a seed who
hated and did not be lieve at all in the teachings of unc onditiona l love and was asked if he was one of
those who taught it. Again, the healer denied it. After eating all three of God’s seeds by wounding,
killing, and then doing nothing, he was the rooster that crowed three times. The heavenly work, which
had previously been done, was be ing undone.
The sun was handed over to the empire’s head judge. The healer was told that all he had to say was
that he was not the sun of God, and his body would be released. The healer said to the judge, “You
have no power over me! I am not of your world of perceived separation, but I am from another world of
no separation, and the Universa l Truth has power over you and all others.” The empire’s judge said,
“What is this truth? If you are the sun of God and my truth has no power, then why don’t you escape?”
This healer responded, “I chose not to escape. I have an army of healers within me, and all I have to do
is speak the Universal Truth and your armies will begin to fall.”
The empire’s judge did not believe him at all and told the healer again, “Say that you are not the sun
of God.” The healer did not speak, and the judge became furious and called on his armies of complete
separation (no love). The judge said to the healer, “You are not the sun of God, and I sentence your
body to a blasphemous physical crucifixion.” The healer then called on his own armies of no separation
(unconditional love) by speaking his own words, “I am the sun of God, and I will give my life
willingly, therefore your truth has no power over me, and my willing sacrifice takes away your sin.”
The empire’s judge and executioner was no longer furious and became frustrated with himself. His
armies had just begun to fall within him, and his power to rule had been taken away for the first time.
He pondered the Universal Truth as the healer walked away willingly to face his death.