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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

in darkness. When the family, ne ighbor, and enemy within other individua ls were given unconditiona l
love (menta lly, physica lly, and emotiona lly), they were complete ly healed. Whe n the healers fed the
enemy from another fishing hole, those who ha d been heale d slipped back into the darkness. The
individua ls had not yet learned to give unconditional love back to God. Out of the darkness it was said
that the healers were healing the sinners with the he lp of the devil, but the healers continue d to shine
light. “Everyone is, was, and forever will be each others‟ brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers.”
“Everyone forever will be part of everything, its children, family!” “O hear me, God is one!” “Love
your family, neighbor, and enemy, for that is Everything (God).” The healers fed them with their three-
pronged fork‟s (staff‟s), the Universal Truth; family, neighbor, enemy-forever one family.
Religious authorities who were eating from the tree of complete separation (no love) made and
distributed drawings that mocked the healers and their words. Those who spoke of the three were given
two horns (enemy and ne ighbor), and a tail was given for the third option (family). The hea lers staffs
were turned into pitchforks, and the arrows that had once pointed towards the Universa l Truth (light,
dark, and dim ...) turned into sharp points. (The ima ge of the devil and his pitchfork is a depiction of
Jesus and his teachings). The healers were portrayed as devils. Religious figures hoped that the pictures
would frighten potential followers away from the healers‟ teachings. Those who still had eyes to see the
light followed it out of the darkness as the healers went home for the night.
Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months as the healers continued to fish. The empire
and the religious authorities belie ved they ruled over the body, mind, and souls of the ir c itizens, and
were distributing coins (which represented conditiona l love). They wanted the c itizens to turn the
healers over, and they hoped that the coins would persuade them to do so. The fish were choking on the
coins. One fish asked a healer, “How can I enter into heaven?” The healer reached into the fish‟s mouth
and pulled the coin out. The healer said, “Do not accept what is evil, turn the other cheek, and give
what is good to God. Then give away everything else that you have purchased with those co ins, and
come and follow me. By sacrific ing your life for your family, ne ighbor, and ene my, you are purchasing
unconditional love for a ll, and you will have ever lasting life. Give unconditiona l love to your family,
neighbor, and ene my, who are one family, and God and Heaven will be yours.”
The fish was then told, “Go and do what you have already planned to do, and then come back and
follow me.” When the fish returned, he pretended to have purchased the new teachings of unconditional
love but he he ld a bagf ul of coins behind his back. He was a guard of the old re ligion-old testament
(conditiona l love , and no love).
One evening after fishing, a healer told the others that one of them was going to betray him. The
healer went on to say that after he was betrayed, he would a llow himse lf to be sacrificed (turn the other
cheek-unconditional love). Most of the healers stumbled when they doubted the healer‟s words, but two
of them knew it to be true. The hea ler who was speaking was ready to be harvested, and bread had been