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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months as the healers continued to fish. The empire
and the religious authorities belie ved they ruled over the body, mind, and souls of the ir c itizens, and
were distributing coins (which represented conditiona l love). They wanted the c itizens to turn the
healers over, and they hoped that the coins would persuade them to do so. The fish were choking on the
coins. One fish asked a healer, “How can I enter into heaven?” The healer reached into the fish‟s mouth
and pulled the coin out. The healer said, “Do not accept what is evil, turn the other cheek, and give
what is good to God. Then give away everything else that you have purchased with those coins, and
come and follow me. By sacrific ing your life for your family, ne ighbor, and ene my, you are purchasing
unconditional love for a ll, and you will have ever lasting life. Give unconditiona l love to your family,
neighbor, and ene my, who are one family, and God and Heaven will be yours.”
The fish was then told, “Go and do what you have already planned to do, and then come back and
follow me.” When the fish returned, he pretended to have purchased the new teachings of unconditional
love but he he ld a bagful of coins behind his back. He was a guard of the old re ligion-old testament
(conditiona l love , and no love).
One evening after fishing, a healer told the others that one of them was going to betray him. The
healer went on to say that after he was betrayed, he would a llow himse lf to be sacrificed (turn the other
cheek-unconditiona l love). Most of the healers stumble d when they doubted the healer‟s words, but two
of them knew it to be true. The hea ler who was speaking was ready to be harvested, and bread had been
made. One loaf of bread was broken into ne ighbor and enemy, divided amongst the other healers, and
the ir last supper together began. The spy ate his ha lf first (enemy), the healers who were stumbling ate
the ir ha lf second (ne ighbors). The hea ler who was going to a llow himse lf to be sacrificed was the bread
of life (one family), and he turned the other cheek and said, “Eat in remembrance of me.”
He then poured the water of life that flowed through his ve ins (emotiona l unconditional love) into
their cups. “I forgive you who doubt me and he who does not believe. I am a cup of life, and those who
drink my blood will have ever lasting life. Drink and remember me. Love your family, neighbor, and
enemy as I have loved you.”
When individua ls accepted this evolved truth (unconditional love) into the ir hearts, the springs of
eternal life (emotional unconditiona l love) welled up within the m and overflowed into other cups.
During the Last Supper a physical cup, the Holy Gra il, was not in the picture because the sun was the
cup. Those who ha ve ears, let the m hear.