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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

and then into complete forgive ness. Their complete lies turned into partia l truths and then into the
complete truth. The ir arrogance turned into partia l humility and then into humbleness. Absence of faith
turned into doubt and then into trust. Being terrifie d turned into be ing afraid and then into courage.
Their hate turned into like and then into love for what was good. Their numbness turned into sadness
and then into a joyful happiness. I watched as the dead were brought back to life. They were those who
had climbe d up the chain of conditiona l love and were eating from the tree of no separation
(unconditional love).
Every seed that fell on the path where there was no soil was picked up and pla nted. Every seed that
fell in sha llow soil where the roots could not grow was picked up and placed in what was healthy. No
seed was left behind. When the weeds (outside teachings of no love) were choking the young sprouts,
the weeds were cut down and not forcefully pulled out (no love) or the young sprouts would be pulled
up with the weeds and die. Every sprout was tended to with unconditiona l love (menta lly, physica lly,
and emotiona lly-the will of God). When the crops were ready they were harvested. Bread was made
and God used the bread-the word of God, for fishing.
The fish who were starving gathered around for true knowledge, and the bread was broken and fed
to them. Thy will was going to be done and God‟s word was going to be heard. Love your family was
one loaf of bread, and it was broken into love your ne ighbor and love your enemy, for God is one.
Unconditiona l love was broken into conditiona l love and no love. Light was broken into dim and dark.
Good was broke n into bad and evil. Heaven was broken into Earth and he ll, and what started as one
loaf (one family) began to break into many others, and suddenly there was plenty of bread to feed the
whole crowd.
But the souls of the people who were eating were fille d with dislike and hate. They were afraid and
terrified. They were filled with partia l humility and arrogance. They told partia l truths and complete
lies. They ga ve partial forgiveness and blameful condemnation to others. They were wounding and
killing each other. They were cruel and ruthless, greedy and gluttonous. The ir protection for each other
became selective , and they began to slip into se lf-preservation above all e lse. The healers saw the storm
brewing, but they where fishers of men‟s and women‟s souls as well as the mind. The bread was the
bait, the water of life was going to be used to hea l them, and then the fish would be set free.
The healers were in the safety of the ir boat, overlooking the crowd to whom they were speaking.
This storm was horrible , and I did not know if it was a good da y to fish. But then I watched as the
healers humbly stepped down and out of their boat one by one, whic h showed those who were arrogant
what humbleness looked like. The healers brought bread, the water of life , and the ir body, which was to
be sacrificed. At that point they fe lt no fear, and so they stood on water, and then walked amongst the
crowd healing them.