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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

Because no love had evolved into conditiona l love , what had previously been perceived as the truth
(kill or be killed) evolve d into give me what is good and I will give you what is good or else an eye -for-
an-eye-and-tooth-for-a-tooth menta lity. No love was certain death; conditiona l love increased the
length of surviva l.
When conditiona l love was give n, that meant there was the possibility that partia l separation
(conditiona l love-neighbor) could turn into complete separation (no love-enemy) for every parent and
child, then, now, and in the future. The door to no love was still open, and it would lead to the fall of
the whole body when it was walked through.
There is, was, and will be a time for evolving, and there is, was, and will be a time for devolving. If
no love is called zero (not absolute zero), conditiona l love starts at one, then falls back down to zero,
then counts up to two, the n falls back down to zero, and counts up to three. So on and off, then down
and up, everyone within everything rose, fe ll, and then rose aga in.
At that point in the evolution of emotions, there was only conditiona l love for ne ighbors and no love
for enemies. Unconditiona l love had yet to be explored by individua ls. Everyone tried to defeat what
they hated in themse lves and the ir childre n with the ir weapons of conditiona l love and no love. First
there were small wars of separation from the enemy, and afterwards neighbors would return home, and
there was partial peace. But out of the category ne ighbor came more enemies, and as the population
grew, there were larger and larger wars of separation. Individuals were unfolding in every possible
direction, exploring every degree of conditiona l love. Eventua lly there was no more room to separate
from their ene my within or geographica lly outside of themse lves.
The largest war of separation would take place at that time. Because separation from everything was
not the truth outside of everyone‟s perception, all would lose the war to defeat their enemy with their
weapons of partia l separation and the ir weapons of complete separation. The flaw in conditional love
(give me what is good or else an eye-for-an-eye-and-tooth-for-a-tooth me nta lity) would be exposed.
When people were surrounded by only ene mies, no love would be give n, conditiona l love would
disappear, and no love would be given in return. Those who be lieved in conditiona l love would become
the enemy the y were trying to kill. During the largest war of separation, it would be every man, woman,
and child for themse lves. There would again be no family, no ne ighbors, only enemies.
Everyone who ate from the tree of partia l separation (conditiona l love) would aga in fall and
perceive complete separation to be the truth. Everyone would become morta lly wounded; emotiona lly,
physica lly, and mentally. Empires would rise and fall during the largest wars of separation. Eventua lly
all of c iviliza tion would be extinguished and have to start over. United everyone stood, and divided
they all fe ll down the chain of partia l separation until the bottom was reached. Everyone s tayed down
until the “only option left” was to get back up and try again.
There are individua ls who have been born, individua ls who are being born, and individua ls who
have yet to be born the n, now, and in the future. When no love (what is given to enemies) is expressed
emotiona lly, menta lly, or physically, it tric kles down, and an environment of complete separation (no
love) is created. The environment that individua ls create for others will be the humbling environment
they create for themselves. What is done unto others is done to oneself; there is no separation. When
individua ls fall a ll the way down, the y are forced to climb back up the cha in of conditiona l love. Using
the method of the elimination of options, individua ls rise to give a little more love, empathy,
understanding, and mercy to themse lves and to others than had previously been give n. Arrogance
slowly begins to fade into humbleness as everyone and everything unfold in every possible direction
and dimension, ga ining new experiences.