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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

eventually be filled the same as it was before as every possibility is re-explored. The record is not
erased, is erased, and then is being written. This is true, not true, and in the process of becoming true.
Cause and effect leave ripples of evidence in the pool of existence. When the ripples can expand no
farther, all of existence will ripple back to the point of disturbance. Like breathing in and out, all of
existence will take another breath. All possible space will fill as it was before as absolutely everything
continuously inhales and exhales life back into existence.
As the present turns into the past and the future unfolds, truth is recorded in the fabric of existence.
Our lives are books. With every step we take, we fill the pages. When the last words have been written
and my book has closed, you will find my truth in its place on a shelf in the library of time. In the end,
when all the recordings of truth become one, every individual book will be a chapter in the largest book
of allâ€"the book of life.
There are questions and there are answers. Together they comprise understanding. Nonexistence and
my existence together created everything, when it comes to me. The substance that would become my
body was existent. Who I would become, before I was created did not exist. Before I was created, I
could not know truth.
When my mind was fashioned, it was undeveloped emotionally, mentally, and physically. In the
early stage of my perception of existence, and nonexistence, I felt isolated. I shivered with cold. I
babbled like a baby. The emptiness of an unknown truth had evolved into an individual truth.
One's truth is one's perception of reality. During life, an individual learns from experience, and their
perception changes. My individual truth at one point, expressed poetically, is as follows: Everyone
started out looking like variously colored snowflakes falling from space, discharged particles from the
sun. I saw my brother and sisters floating down beside me. I saw beautifully colored souls all around as
far as my eyes could see. Some around me descended faster than others. I heard what sounded like
wind whooshing past me as I fell. My parents were in front of me as we approached our destination. I
watched as they were swept into the brilliantly colored, rocky, mountainous boundary of Earth. Only a