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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

Questions were my hunger. Eating was the answer, but satiation was both—understanding. It was
exciting to open a door, watch it opening and c losing, then quickly shut it. I would breathe slowly in
until my lungs were full, hold my breath, then exha le as fast as I could until my lungs were empty. It
was exhilarating to run, slowly increasing my speed until I was running as fast as I could. Quickly I
would slow down and stop. Everywhere I looked I could see the other children playing with our mutua l
friend, The Universa l Truth, in their own way. Everyone will be part of “absolutely everything”
forever. “Absolute Universa l Truth” was, is, and forever will be our only teacher. DNA unfolds in
every possible direction inside the womb, and, likewise, every individual’s mental, physical, and
emotiona l exploration unfolds outside of it.
Unlike this book, the Universal Truth can’t be ripped up, thrown away or burned, because it is
always the same truth in a different form no matter what is done to it. The Universa l Truth is, was, and
forever will be the voice of “Absolutely everything”. It is the spoken word, the words spoken all around
us and the words that will be spoken in the future. It was the word that was spoken in the beginning,
and so it sha ll be at the end. It cannot be silenced. It can be seen wherever there are eyes to see, heard
wherever there are ears to hear, understood wherever there are minds to understand. Absolute
everything is a live. It speaks in us, around us, and in others. We are everything within absolute
everything. Everything is in us and we are in absolute ly everything.
I am certain that everyone is interpreting existence. Everyone has used and will continue to use their
unique ly acquired experiences to reveal the mysteries of his or her existence. Lesser Universa l Truths
are being understood. That is an indication that greater Universal Truths can also be understood. This in
turn indicates that absolute infinity will be understood in the end.
Humanity is an amalgamated expression. We have learned from the body and mind of the whole.
Like bra in cells firing across this interconnected globe, we speak as one and testify to the ways,
thoughts, and emotions of the many. Is there a testimony on Earth that was created absent the testimony
of all others?
The perception of separation is dissolving as the ve il of humanity and individua l anonymity is lifted.
If there is no separation between us how can there be solitary achievements? Emotions, thoughts,
external actions, and the ripple affects created by them are being studied.
What is done to one is done to a ll. What is done for one is done for a ll. Sc ience has advanced our
understanding of this truth. What was science fiction is now becoming science fact. All that was
unknown is becoming known! What will humanity do when it looks in the mirror and sees itself
This book is de dicated to a ll those who have sacrificed, are sacrific ing, and will sacrifice their time
and energy for the betterment of humanity. Thus this book is dedicated to everyone.
• • •
What I belie ve to be the truth is not more valuable then what you be lieve to be the truth. Take only
what you want and leave what you don’t want behind. The single category—truth—represents all
truths. Recorded truth, unknown truth, individua l truth, and The Universa l Truth.
Time reaches a point when a ll events have been recorded, and that is absolute ly everything. The
infinity hour glass of time w ill then flip over and start the process again. All possible space will
eventua lly be fille d the same as it was before as every possibility is re-explored. The record is not
erased, is erased, and then is be ing written. This is true, not true, and in the process of becoming true.