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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

my ha ir, I looked up at the stars and suddenly became filled with hope. I looked forward in time and at
that moment I dec ided that I would no longer continue to dig my own grave with my footsteps.
Lesser Universal Truths were understood. Greater Universa l Truths were also understood. That in
turn indicated that absolute ly everything and absolute ly infinite could be understood in the end. The
Universal truth was my counse lor, then it was my friend, and at last it would become my truth. In the
beginning it brought me comfort, in time it brought happiness, and in the end I was set free.
I am certain that everyone is interpreting existence. Everyone has used and will continue to use their
unique ly acquired experiences to reveal the mysteries of his or her existence. Individua l fa iths and non-
faiths have woven their be lievers and non-be lie vers into who they are toda y. Non-fa ith and faith be long
to one category, and no one on Earth be lieves in the same truth word for word, thought for thought, and
experie nce for experie nce. Who is the individua l fa ith that does not have a non-faith? There is nothing
that we experience in life that existence and nonexistence does not a llow. We are living testaments! To
deny one‟s own testament is to deny one‟s own existence. Blessed are those who be lieve in the ir own
existence! To de ny the testament of others is to deny existence as well. Blessed are those who belie ve
in the existence of others. I respect the Universal Truth and its‟ other students. Every life is an
amalgamated expression. Existence is the testament of a ll. B lessed are those who believe in existence!
DNA unfolds in every possible direction inside the womb, and, likewise, every individual‟s mental,
physica l, and emotiona l exploration unfolds outside of it.
In this book, the Theory of Everything is sc ientifica lly and mathematically proved. All that appears
complicated, bitter, and untouchable will be simplified, and sweetened. Other then the time it takes to
read this book it is free. It is thought provoking, made accessible to all, poetica lly written, and
purposefully short.
• • •
The single categoryâ€"truthâ€"represents a ll truths. Recorded truth, unknown truth, individua l truth,
and The Universa l Truth.
Time reaches a point when a ll events have been recorded, and that is absolute ly everything. The
infinity hour glass of time will then flip over and start the process again. All possible space will
eventua lly be fille d the same as it was before as every possibility is re-explored. The record is not
erased, is erased, and then is be ing written. This is true, not true, and in the process of becoming true.
Cause and effect leave ripples of evidence in the pool of existence. When the ripples can expand no
farther, all of existence will ripple back to the point of disturbance. Like breathing in and out, a ll of
existence will take another breath. All possible space will fill as it was before as absolute ly everything
continuously inha les and exha les life back into existence.
As the present turns into the past and the future unfolds, truth is recorded in the fabric of existence.
Our lives are books. With every step we take, we fill the pages. When the last words have been written
and my book has c losed, you will find my truth in its place on a shelf in the library of time. In the end,
when all the recordings of truth become one, every individua l book will be a chapter in the largest book
of allâ€"the book of life.