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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

There is one mind, one body, and the emotions are connected also. Complete separation from
everything is not possible outside of perception. Partia l separation from everything is not possible
outside of perception either. But perception creates an individual‟s reality! All science and faith-based
books that teach complete separation and partia l separation are therefore true, partia lly true, and fa lse.
Outside of those perceptions, there is no separation.
In the beginning, there was trial and error. Success led to fa ilure and fa ilure le d to success. Standing
led to falling, falling led to standing, and DNA was the unfolding progress. When life‟s DNA evolved
to the point whe n a human was able to be forme d, everything had already spoken the Universal Truth,
and so both ma le and fema le were created together as one, whic h divided and became two. They were
menta lly, physica lly, and emotiona lly complete ly connected with everything. But every category that
made them who they were was undeveloped. Their bodies‟ craved substance, their minds craved
knowledge, and the individua ls craved emotions. There was no other way to begin. First there would be
not knowing, then there would be learning, and in the very end understanding. Because small things
were being understood, that was an indication that larger things would be understood, whic h in turn
signifie d everything could and would be understood in the end. So the process of tria l and error
continued, and we began to learn and understand a long the way.
Everyone at first perceived complete separation from everything to be the truth. Individua ls felt
naked and a lone, physica lly, menta lly, and emotionally. Be ing complete ly separated was not true
outside of awareness, but when that be lief was perceived to be the truth, that perception became reality.
Every fruit that hung from the tree of complete separation was poison. The feeling, the be lief, and
then be ing physica lly separated from everything (no love), such as what is shown to enemies, over time
created every individua l action of emotion, action of thought, and action of the body that was evil.
When everyone and everything was first exploring the possibility of no love , the fruit from the tree
of complete separation was being eaten, and the process of tria l and error for emotions began.
Everything and everyone was perceived to be a riva l, and so there were no neighbors, no families, only
enemies. There was no give me what is good and I will give you what is good or e lse an eye -for-an-
eye-and-tooth-for-a-tooth yet, it was kill or be kille d. Everyone lived by that sword, always were
surrounded by enemies, and a lways died by that sword.
When everyone ate from the tree of complete separation (no love), they became morta lly wounde d.
The children were given no clothes, (complete-separation teachings-mentally no love). So no leaves fell
from the tree to cover and protect the seeds. After no love was absorbed physica lly and menta lly, the
seeds were given no water (emotiona lly no love), and so the seeds died and the soil produced no more
It was like everyone had just run off a cliff, hit the bottom, and rose in another dimension. There
was complete fa ilure , but the failure would lead to success. Everything as a whole and individua lly had
just learned a lesson. A marker was placed in everyone‟s DNA, the door c losed, and the next door was
In the beginning of awareness, there was complete separation: no family, no ne ighbors, only
enemies. In the middle stage of awareness, there was some degree of partia l separation. Some enemies
would turn into ne ighbors, and some ne ighbors would be accepted as family. Likewise, some family
would turn into ne ighbors and some ne ighbors would be complete ly re jected and become enemies. In
the end there would be no separation. All ene mies would turn into ne ighbors, and all ne ighbors would
be welcomed as family. Till then the seeds needed time to grow.