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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

Using DNA to bring an extinct species back to life will be seen as embryonic in the future. The
DNA of Existence can and will be used to bring every species back to lifeâ€"individual memories,
surroundings, and all else.
Humanity will discover, learn and grow within the boundaries of this solar system. We will continue
to learn and grow within the boundaries of the universal soul system. Given enough time even
humanity will create a soul retrieval system to prevent its own death.
It would be unscientific to presume that a soul system within our solar system had not already
evolved. Humanity has many systems of law and order. We have ways of creating life, prolonging life,
shortening life, and ending life. Systems of law and order evolve and devolve within the boundaries of
possibilities. When we go to meet our maker what maker will we meet?
When it comes to the question of evolution versus creation the Universal Truth is the universal
guide. We set ourselves free!
There is everything, absolute everything, and absolutely everything. There can’t be a life that occurs
only once when there are both finite possibilities and infinite energy. The life that we are currently
living is not a one-time occurrence; this life will mathematically happen again. This in itself is absolute
proof that there is life after death!
Belief in the recorded truth is where the historical idea for the book of life came from. The idea of
starting over led to the thought that if an individual made what was perceived to be hellish decisions
during their life, then they would be in that hell for eternity because their life would happen over again
repeatedly. Moreover, at one point it was thought that every individual had only one life to live, like a
straight line, to which they were bound. There were those who were thought to be blessed, partially
blessed, or damned. There was no mercy, only favoritism. Those eyes were earthly flat, nearsighted,
and their vision fell short of the recorded truth. When water is being poured into a glass, all possible
space hasn’t, is being, and then has become occupied. Similarly, all of Existence unfolded, hadn’t
unfolded, and is unfolding in every possible direction and dimension.
Outside and inside an individual life there are possible choices, and for those possible choices, all of
them haven't been chosen, are being chosen, and have been chosen based on inside and outside
unfolding environmental influences. (This gives us the freedom to move throughout our environment.)
There are as many different lives to live as there are choices to make, and for each choice another
dimension is added. The astronomical number of lives, that an individual has to live, will be fully
satisfying. Just as the Earth is not flat, neither is an individual’s path of existence. Our complete being
hasn’t, is, and will unfold in every possible dimension and is shaped more like the Earth, not flat. When
a life has completely unfolded, then that will be everything for an individual being. Like every
individual color, there will be the best of what makes us who we are, the worst of what makes us who
we are and everything in between (which is humble). We are bound to that life for infinity, and we are
not bound to a life that travels in a single straight line of recurrence. We are mandatory for the
existence of all others; all others are mandatory for the existence of ourselves. We fulfill our obligation
here before returning home.