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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

nothingness). Seeds continued to pour into the womb of space, pulling the fabric of spac e closed around
Every connected entry point (black hole) was sealed shut. The sun was enveloped in darkness of
absolute nothingness. Every seed had been filtered, and only absolute something and absolute
nothingness remained. Something and nothingness had divided until they could divide no further, and
then the only option left was to begin the process of expanding.
The solar system began to take form as time started ticking. A mind deve loped within the Earth as a
brain deve lops within a skull, and within the planet deve lope d individua l brain cells (humans and the
The sun was like a heart, whic h supplied the lifeblood to the bra in (an Earth-like planet) and the
body (such as a solar system). With every heartbeat, the mind and body aged. When the heart stoppe d
beating, the solar system took its last breath and exha led into the cosmos. The sun had transferred a ll its
undying energy elsewhere, and the fabric of space pulled apart in the sun‟s absence.
Space was free to be occupied by another sun. Ce lestia l bodies continued to sacrifice, transfer
energy, expand, merge, and grow. At the end of a ll ce lestial growth, infinite possibility was concluded:
the largest sun and the only darkness was absolute ly everything.
There are only so many possible answers to the question of existence. Either there is only infinite ,
only everything, both or ne ither. There are no other possibilities. Possibilities are not infinite. Every
possibility is, was, and will be explored forever. The mind, body, and emotions expand and contract, as
does the universe.
The answer to the question of existence is both: a point that is absolute ly everything, that is
absolute ly infinite , and infiniteness occurs within the boundaries of finite possibilities. The absolute
Universal Truth binds both infinity and everything together for eternity.
A super nova occurred upon the birth of the largest sun. In the meantime (between the beginning
and the end), seeds were planted. In the end of the sun's life cyc le there was another super nova (the big
Every single seed had been planted at that time. All that was divided would eventua lly be united
once again. Currently there is a black hole in the very center of existe nce. The largest sun will be the
cumulation of all energy.
During the time of the largest sun and the repla nting of seeds, outer space will appear much
different than it does today. When a sma ller sun like our own sets on a planet like earth, individua ls
will look up at the heavens and see black holes instead of stars. What is now dark will appear light and
what is not revealed now sha ll be reveale d.
The symbol for infinity is “the universal infinity symbol of truth.” When it comes to the origins of
existence , the beginning was the end. The Universa l Trut h created our minds, and our minds created
absolute ly everything. Then absolute ly everything spoke the absolute Universa l Truth and created us