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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

beginning without an ending. There can’t be addition without subtraction, and there can’t be
multiplication without its counterpart, division. The existence of one digit is, in itself, proof that there
is an accumulation of all single digits—the largest one (absolute ly something-a ll energy).
The symbol for infinity is “the universal infinity symbol of truth.” Absolutely everything, absolutely
infinite, and the absolute Universa l Truth bind one another together for eternity. All beginnings are
connected to endings (spring, summer, fa ll, and winter). There is no separation.
It is impossible for two lines (summer and winter) to run para lle l to one another and never connect
(spring and fa ll) in an environment of no separation. Everyone within everything is forever linked and
all numbers are connected as well. My consc ience tells me that what is done to one number affects
them a ll. Every line, shape , pattern, or spira ling sta ircase, is connected within the complete s phere of
Earth. On the other hand, there is the be lief that the Earth and space are infinite ly flat. If the Earth is
not flat, then space is the next voyage to enlightenment. Consc iousness is limited to individua l lines of
separation within a mind that perceives itself to be infinite ly disconnected from it and a ll e lse.
Perception creates reality. Outside of those perceptions there is “the universal infinity symbol of truth”
(absolute ly everything, absolute ly infinite , and the absolute Universal Truth binding each other together
for eternity).
The two infinity sequences are one sequence. All numbers of va lue are created from single ones and
zeros. The infinity sequence (from which the eight and one are missing) rest upon those building
blocks. Underneath those building blocks is the unshakable foundation that all numbers, infinity
sequences, and the ir symbols emerged from (one and zero).
...12345679012345679 00 98765432098765432...
1 and 0.
The Universal Truth is binary.
When there is the strong desire to be emotionally connected to another, others, then a ll, individua ls’
emotions evolve.
As with every beginning, in my beginning, everything had already spoken the Universal Truth,
whic h was powerfully written in my DNA. My body’s cells unfolded in every possible direction
transferring the Universal Truth (ons, offs, and the varying combination of the two, neutra ls), and I was
created. In the womb there was a feeling of be ing completely connected with everything (unconditiona l
love), but when I was born I perceived there to be a complete separation from everything (no love).
That feeling of detachment was a result of my mind being extre me ly undeve loped physica lly, menta lly,
and emotiona lly. I was unable to understand that I was not naked and a lone, I was not cast out, and was
still c omplete ly connected to everything. My phys ica l, menta l, and emotiona l evolution had, was, and
would unfold in every possible direction and dimension just as it had done in the womb. Starting with
no love I began to run and explore every degree of conditiona l love until I was running as fast as I