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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

beginning without an ending, the largest one. There can’t be addition without subtraction, and there
can’t be multiplication without its counterpart, division. The existence of one digit is, in itself, proof
that there is an accumulation of all single digitsâ€"the largest one (absolutely something-all energy).
The symbol for infinity is “the universal infinity symbol of truth.” Absolutely everything, absolutely
infinite, and the absolute Universal Truth bind one another together for eternity. All beginnings are
connected to endings (spring, summer, fall, and winter). There is no separation.
It is impossible for two lines (summer and winter) to run parallel to one another and never connect
(spring and fall) in an environment of no separation. Everyone within everything is forever linked and
all numbers are connected as well. My conscience tells me that what is done to one number affects
them all. Every line, shape, pattern, or spiraling staircase, is connected within the complete sphere of
Earth. On the other hand, there is the belief that the Earth and space are infinitely flat. If the Earth is
not flat, then space is the next voyage to enlightenment. Consciousness is limited to individual lines of
separation within a mind that perceives itself to be infinitely disconnected from it and all else.
Perception creates reality. Including those perceptions there is “the universal infinity symbol of truth”
(absolutely everything, absolutely infinite, and the absolute Universal Truth binding each other together
for eternity).
The two infinity sequences are one sequence. All numbers of value are created from single ones and
zeros. The infinity sequence (from which the eight and one are missing) rest upon those building
blocks. Underneath those building blocks is the unshakable foundation that all numbers, infinity
sequences, and their symbols emerged from (one and zero).
...12345679012345679 00 98765432098765432...
The Universal Truth is binary.
A sun holds the fabric of space together within its celestial body. In a sun’s absence, a black hole is
revealed. In the absence of the compressed matter of a substantive sun, which holds the fabric of space
together, the empty void of nothingness can appear. This is due to the weight of existence on the fabric
of space.
Antimatter is not equal to absolute zero matter. Black holes have no magnetic capabilities.
Magnetism is measured from zero to 100 percent, as are elements and colors. Space is an hourglass. On
the other side of a black hole, as well as within a black hole, there is magnetism attracting what is on
this side and vise versa. Like the slender waist of an hour glass, the black hole is the gateway. The
number of interconnected black holes is considerable.
A black hole is also the womb in space. Within this womb began the purification process, the
division of seeds, into solar system, galaxy, and universe. When the seeds could divide no more, there
remained pure energy (absolute something, a new sun) and the absence of energy (absolute