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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

• • •
The Universal Truth is binary—zeros and ones. The Universal Truth is sc ientific. It demonstrates
both attractive and repulsive forces. The Universa l Truth is philosophical as is yin and yang. Were it
not for The Universa l Truth, a ll language would unrave l, tongues would vanish, words would cease to
exist. Blessed are those who are not offended by other languages. The Universa l Truth is the universal
connection. Those who seek this truth shall find it, and those who follow it will be led to all they ever
wanted to know.
Using DNA to bring an extinct spec ies back to life will be seen as primitive in the future. The DNA
of existence can and will be used to bring any species back to life—individua l memories, surroundings,
and all e lse. What was once science fiction is now science fact and so on… We discover, learn and
grow within the boundaries of a universal system that has always been in place. Within that syste m
huma nity will discovery a soul retrieva l system to prevent its own death.
Within the universal system humanities soul syste m will be created. A life will be reviewed. An
individua l will be sentenced. A life sentence will be carried out. Aga in and aga in there will be retrie val,
review, and a life sentence handed down (reward, punishment, and the varying de grees of the two).
Humanities system will temporarily prevent a soul from reentering the universa l system.
In the image of humanity different spec ies will be created. Humanity will continue to discover, learn
and grow within the boundaries of the universal system.
An individual soul is an individual one and it is paired with its’ nonexistence. Humanities system
and all other soul systems will have add-ons. Those add-ons will represent a species leve l of
technology, help to identify ones creator and to determine whether a species has been tampered with.
When we go to meet our maker what maker will we meet? The Universa l Truth is the universal guide.
We set ourselves free!
Whether I succeed in communicating what I have found during my life’s quest is up to the reader
(for whom I have the greatest respect). Before these thoughts became words, there was The Universal
Truth. It a lways has been and always will be. I learned about north, south, east, and west. As time
passed, my knowledge increased. I was building upon this truth. My foundation was la id, and I started
grabbing bricks. One and zero, white and black, quiet and loud, light and dark, hot and cold, bitter and
sweet, silence and sound, heavy and light. What was bound in the day I loosened at night. My
foundation was built on solid rock. Doctor attracts patient. Negative seeks positive. Answers heal all
questions’ wounds. Together they live, apart they die. The Universal Truth moves elsewhere.
When I was a child, I instinctive ly knew I was part of absolute ly everything. I was in it, and it was
in me. Life was intriguing, and I began my journey through it. I had questions. I fe lt hungry, and I
wanted to learn. When I was hungry, I fe lt ba d. When I ate, I felt better. When I was full, I felt I had
found the solution.