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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

• • •
This book is the Theory of Everything: infinity, Universal Truth, mathematics, sc ience, time,
nothingness, origins, and fa ith. All theories should have a consistent fellowship with one another,
whic h provides undeviating, unwavering and unfa iling re liability. In princ iple, the outcome of every
experiment is pre dictable. Given that there are only so many possible outc omes, understanding is
The Universal Truth is binaryâ€"zeros and ones. The Universal Truth is sc ientific. It demonstrates
both attractive and repulsive forces. The Universa l Truth is philosophical as is yin and yang. Were it
not for The Universa l Truth, a ll language would unrave l, tongues would vanish, words would cease to
exist. Those who seek this truth sha ll find it, and those who follow it will be led to a ll they ever wanted
to know.
When I was a child, I learned about north, south, east, and west. As time passed, my knowledge
increased. I was building upon this truth. My foundation was la id, and I started grabbing bricks. One
and zero, white and black, quiet and loud, light and dark, hot and cold, bitter and sweet, silence and
sound, heavy and light. What was bound in the day I loosened at night. My foundation was built on
solid roc k. Doctor attracts patient. Negative seeks positive. Answers heal all questions‟ wounds.
Together they live , apart they die. The Universal Truth moves elsewhere.
Life was intriguing, and I bega n my journey through it. I had questions. I felt hungry, and I wanted
to learn. When I was hungry, I fe lt ba d. When I ate, I felt better. When I was full, I felt I had found the
solution. Questions were my hunger. Eating was the answer, but satiation was bothâ€"understanding. It
was exciting to open a door, watch it opening and c losing, then quickly shut it. I would breathe slowly
in until my lungs were full, hold my breath, then exha le as fast as I could until my lungs were empty. It
was exhilarating to run, slowly increasing my speed until I was running as fast as I could. Quickly I
would slow down and stop. Everywhere I looked I could see the other children playing with our mutua l
friend, The Universa l Truth, in their own way.
I existed within the boundaries of my existence and none xistence: possibilities were finite. I
instinctive ly knew I was part of absolute ly everything and that was absolute ly infinite. My mind was
working on universal knowledge , and a ll else that was created in that likeness. I did not know that those
who were living in this world could not answer my deepest and most sincere questions about
everything: infinity, Universal Truth, mathematics, sc ience, time, nothingness, the origins of my
existence and fa ith. My youthful trust and my simplistic knowledge for, and of, the world be gan to
disinte grate as I was told over and over that the answers to my questions were unknowable. It was
suggested that this book of knowledge was not meant for me to open, and my body, emotions, and mind
should move on with life while piling on the darkness of unanswered questions. As I wandered down
my suggested path to death, my footprints imprinted deeper on the ground than my body weight should
have allowed. When I looked behind me I saw a trail of heavy sadness. As a gentle wind blew through