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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

The transfer of life's eternal energy is infinite within the boundaries of a ll possibilities (existence
and nonexistence). There is a cumulative rise to one hundred percent and then there is a separative fall
down to individua l ones. Absolute zero rema ins absolute zero; energy never dies. This continuous
recurring process (a cumulative rise and separative fa ll, between fallen and risen) is infinite. In the past,
present, and future , a sideways eight is, was, and will be created to represent the powerful image of
everything and infinity.
One divide d by e ighty-one equals the repeating infinity sequence , (1/81 =
.0123456790123456790...), pictoria lly shown above. The eight is the only number missing from the
Eight divided by e ighty-one is equa l to the repeating infinity seque nce, (8/81 =
.0987654320987654320...), pictoria lly shown below. The one is the only number missing from this
One divide d by e ighty-one is equa l to the first repeating number sequence
(.0123456790123456790...,) from which the eight is missing). Multiplying that number sequence by
eight is equa l to the other sequence, (.0987654320987654320...), from whic h the one is missing).
The eight is missing from the first sequence. The one is missing from the second. Together the
missing numbers appear as eighty-one.