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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

absolute nothingness and absolute something combines to create absolute ly everything, the pyramid of
There is absolute ly nothingness and absolute ly something, and all opposites within absolute ly
everything are created in the ir image. That is the eternal spoken word that resounds in the ears.
In the past, individua ls acknowledged that if there were everything, when it came to a single
category, then that truth was a reflection of a larger one. There was everything when it came to
existence. In order to grasp the validity of everything, individua ls throughout history separated it. From
the understanding that everything was one thing came the understanding that two things could be used
to represent everything, i.e., a ll and nothing.
From this came the idea that three things could be used to represent everything, i.e., the beginning,
middle and end. From this came the idea that four things could be used to represent everything, i.e.,
opening, open, closing and c losed. After this came an explosion of what seemed uncountable things.
The idea of absolute something, absolute nothingness, absolute ly everything, and absolutely infinite
began to fade away in the minds of some. Individua ls and entire c ivilizations created symbols to
represent their understanding of existe nce and none xistence.
The transfer of energy is infinite within the boundaries of a ll possibilities (existence and
none xistence). There is a cumulative rise to one hundre d percent and then there is a separative fall
down to individua l ones. Absolute zero rema ins absolute zero; energy never dies. This continuous
recurring process (a cumulative rise and separative fa ll, between fallen and risen) is infinite. In the past,
present, and future , a sideways eight is, was, and will be created to represent the powerful image of
everything and infinity.