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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

Another historic question: what is the absolute foundation of absolutely everything? Within the
building blocks of life there are the unshakable foundations they rest uponâ€"the white and the black
elemental particles. The white elemental particle is the purest form of energy (absolute somethingâ€"the
smallest version of the white element). The white elemental particle, other particles, and larger
elements hold the fabric of space together. The black elemental particle is the absence of energy,
(absolute nothingness). In the absence of the compressed matter of substance, which holds the fabric of
space together, the empty void of nothingness can appear. This is partially due to the weight of
existence on the fabric of space.
The black and white elemental particles create all other elemental particles, quarks and the like.
Though astronomical, the number of unique colors is not infinite. When that total number comes
into existence, it will result in the number necessary to generate a number for all existence. The number
of unique colors is the same as the possible number of unique elemental elements, temperatures,
frequencies, tastes, smells, dimensions, and degrees of magnetism.
In science, mathematics and logic, all of existence is made up of elemental white particles.
Existence can be equal to the totality of white elemental particles. The cumulation is simply equal to
itself (E = E), and nonexistence is simply nonexistence (NE = NE). The simple truth has always been
correct. Existence is paired with its’ nonexistence. This is, isn’t, and is in the process of being
understood. Perception creates reality and perceptions’ equal the totality of all realities: the ultimate
realityâ€"individually and as an absolute whole.
The idea of absolute something (pure energyâ€"the white elemental particle) created from absolute
nothingness (the absence of energy) is a misconception created by those trying to impress those with
logical understanding of the origins of existence. Something can never be created out of “only”
nothingness. Existence and nonexistence have always been. All other elemental particles (like
questions) between absolute nothingness and absolute something are created. The black and white
elemental particles are the foundation of absolutely everything. Together, absolutely nonexistence and
absolutely all existence is absolutely everything.