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The Universe in an Hourglass: A Time for Everything

Inte llectua lly gifted sc ientific minds, through many years of individua l sacrifice, where able to
simplify the building blocks of life into three subatomic particles that make life possible : proton,
electron, and neutron. A proton has a positive charge. An electron has a negative charge. And a neutron
has a neutral charge.
If the Universal Truth were not sc ientific , then the Earth would unrave l as every building block of
life disintegrated and all other scientific discoveries vanishe d.
Another historic question: what is the absolute foundation of absolute ly everything? Within the
building blocks of life there are the unshakable foundations they rest uponâ€"the white and the black
elementa l particles. The white ele menta l partic le is the purest form of energy (absolute somethingâ€"the
smallest version of the white eleme nt). The white ele menta l partic le, other partic les , and larger
elements hold the fabric of space together. The black e lementa l partic le is the absence of energy,
(absolute nothingness). In the absence of the compressed matter of substance, which holds the fabric of
space together, the empty void of nothingness can appear. This is partia lly due to the weight of
existence on the fabric of space.
The black and white e lementa l partic les he lp to create all other e lementa l partic les, quarks and the
Though astronomica l, the number of unique colors is not infinite. When that total number comes
into existence, it will result in the number necessary to generate a number for all existence. Using
Einste in's equation, the number for a ll existence can be calculated: Existence = mc2. Any category can
be used in place of mass or the speed of light. Numbers can be used universally to represent a ll e lse.
The number of unique colors is the same as the possible number of unique e lementa l e lements,
temperatures, frequenc ies, tastes, sme lls, dimensions, and degrees of magnetism.
In science, mathematics and logic , all of existence is made up of e lemental white partic les.
Existence can be equal to the tota lity of white elemental partic les. The cumulation is simply equa l to
itse lf (E = E), and nonexistence is simply nonexiste nce (NE = NE). The simple truth has always been