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The Universal Sign

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Published: 4 years ago

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Download this FREE 'factual novel', and join the quest to unravel Earth’s “lost history”. Learn about the cataclysm that ended the last Ice Age, the Biblical Flood, the survivors’ struggles and myths, and the events that have since shaped the world. Discover the ancient origins of astronomy, alchemy, religion, heresies, empires, wars, humanity’s historical amnesia, and the true causes of our world conditions. Uncover the real identity of Earth’s historic rulers, ancient gods, “God”, the true nature of creation and its “Source”. This ambitious odyssey of epic proportions explores all such perplexing enigmas and mysteries with origins in remote antiquity. A forgotten, “lost history” of Earth.

siamak akhavan

The author, Siamak Akhavan, here... Dear Sally, firstly thank you for your interest in the book and your feedback. I'd like to answer you here. Yes, Tutankhamun (King Tut) is widely assumed to have been assassinated by elements loyal to the various Temple priesthood (disbanded by his father, Akhenaten) and their ally General Ramses, and unceremoniously buried in an unmarked burial chamber (lucky for us). Their meeting was correctly assumed by you to be a "poetic license", allowing for a revealing conversation about this important period's religious and social complexities. It was this unique period in antiquity that exported the hidden/secret Egyptian mysteries to the rest of the near east, inspiring the early Hebrew/Judaic mythology, as well as many generations of mystical schools such as the Cabalah, Essenes, Gnostics, Manicheans, sufis, etc. This chapter is an essential part of the book, as such philosophical movements went on to have far-reaching global historic influences. I do mention in the author's notes that some of the book is fictional, to allow for a fluid story setting. The fact that in this chapter a young Tut is talking to his father, Akhenaten, does not mean the rest of the information is inaccurate! I hope that this does not stop you from finishing the rest of the book.

Asif Sayyad

Great book !!! Well researched with amazing coverage of subject, and presented in intresting absorbing writing. An ideal candidate to become a textbook for secondary grades. Looking forward for another book, Cheers


Having been fascinated with world history, I found this book very illuminating. In this relatively short book, an engaging time-travel story takes one through voyages in time and place, chapter after chapter, while unfolding and connecting so much forgotten events that have influenced humanity since the cataclysms that ended the last ice-age and created the 'Flood' until today. A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE THAT WANTS TO MAKE SENSE OF TODAY'S WORLD CONDITIONS.


I really enjoyed this book, and was immediately drawn in by the writer's creative and engaging invitation to take a journey through time and space and to discover historical events and symbolism that have significance in our current lives. This fact-filled novel tickles the reader to think, research, and ask some profound questions. The stories are written beautifully so I found myself sharing excerpts with friends and family. I have recently read that what makes a man a great man is the pursuit of questions. This you have shown in your writing, and inspired in your readers. Thank you Siamak for sharing your work, adventures, and thoughts with us.


Anyone who toils for years across the world's ancient monuments and manuscripts, finds historical anomalies, and shares his findings/ideas for FREE, must receive attention and praise. I, for one, thank the author. @ Sally: Firstly...WITH ALL DUE RESPECT... The Inca Empire was centered in Peru and only reached today's Columbia, and thus had nothing to do with Mexico (land of the Olmecs, Mayans and Aztecs)! Secondly, no one knows for certain when/how King Tut died, since all records of his, and his father's ('the heretic' Akhenaten), lives were censured during the Ramses era. Therefore, Based on where you supposedly stopped reading, it appears that, that section's dealings with the Habiru (Hebrew) Exodus, and the Old Testament's connections to the ancient Egyptian 'Book of The Dead', seems to have touched a religiously sensitive nerve! But, that is no justification to so strongly vilify, and discourage others from making up their minds about this important book. After all, the book does warn readers of its controversiality.


I had to stop reading this on page 71. I was a little dubious on the historical 'facts' for the Inca time, having just come back from Mexico, but went with it. However, as someone who would be interested in reading this type of book, it seems an insult to change a 'fact' in such an extreme measure to make Tuthankamon still alive in his 20's and talking to his father! I couldn't read anymore and take it seriously. At least I hope it was taking poetic license too far as opposed to appalling research. If you read this book, it will give you an incorrect historical knowledge-base, in my opinion.

D. Edwardson

As an academic in archeology and mythology, and Freemason, let me acknowledge your profound achievement, Mr. Akhavan. Unlike most guided disciples of the field, you have managed to find many answers, lost through eons, and 'illuminated the torch' with your own efforts.


Siamak Akhavan

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