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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

The Unenchanted Princess

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Published: 2 years ago

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The Unenchanted Princess is the tale of a Princess born without an enchantment in a Magic land where all royalty is surrounded by enchantment. Alexandra refuses to give in to her parents’ schemes to find her an enchantment or marry her off to someone willing to overlook her lack. She runs away to escape, but soon learns the she is at the heart of a struggle to control the magic lands. Together with the Frog Prince, a Prince Charming who is turned into a crow and a young woman from a land where magic is forbidden, she must learn how to defeat her enemy and dispell the last enchantment.


Good book. A young princess born different from everybody else; wishing she were like other princesses, until she realizes she has a purpose, and takes life and all its impossibilities head-on and proves to everyone that it is okay to be different.


I did like the story idea itself but I would consider this a draft that needs a lot more editing, possibly expanding but is potentially interesting. What bothered me most was that too many new things are introduced near the end such as the anti-magic stone and Rapunzel's ancestry. The author should give bits and pieces of information throughout the story so the reader has knowledge to get there but only just can't see past the horizon, so that with the final puzzle piece it suddenly all makes sense. There was some attempt at that with Alexandra's uncle, but it wasn't worked out well. Remember who was told the story and who suddenly happened to know it when he met said uncle. They don't match. The main characters could be worked out more, but there might be too many to do that effectively. A very few should be chosen to really focus on to make it more personal for the reader. Too many stories are being told here to give each of them the attention they need in so few pages. If the author reads this I hope it helps in future writing. Do write more and I'll be happy to read it.


The characters are very well developed, and the various happy endings reached were very squee-inducing~ It's a very interesting collection of interconnected stories, and very much recommended by me.Also, I can't help but think that the very last paragraph being about Princess Avi and her prince could be either a lead-in to another book or just a slight error in judgment as the last part of a story which had the impression of setting the main characters as Princess Alexandra and Prince Herbert. The last part of the story should, in my opinion, leave a lasting impression of the main characters after all. That's still the author's call though, and I found no qualms with the rest of the book. To the author, please do write another one of these kinds of stories, thank you so much for posting this on here!


Alex McGilvery

I'm and author, reviewer and editor. I have books in fantasy and young adult genres and will be releasing horror and thriller books in the next year. I live in the north with my wife and muse along with three dogs.

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