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The Ultimate Guide to Picking Up Women on Facebook

easier to deal with digital rejection via Facebook than it is real life.
Forth, on Facebook you have the ability prescript your questions and answers so
that you can get a girl in bed without the difficulties associated with being
spontaneous, funny and attractive to a stranger in real life.
The focus of this guide is on the girls who aren't out at bars or clubs. If you want
those girls, by all means, go to bars and clubs and meet them. But, this guide is
more focused on trying to get that super awesome, high quality chick (think
brains and tits) that is worthy enough to be long-term girlfriend material.
So without further ado, here's how I’ve managed to pull at least one new date a
week all through Facebook:
Step 1) Get Your Facebook Profile Right
The goal of your profile is to not have anything that would potentially turn off the
women you're trying to get with. This means your profile should highlight the best
parts of your personality and minimize the worst. You're not trying to come off as
the cheesy, pushy player at the club (which can work at the club, just not online).
Instead, think of it as playing hard to get -- you're so cool you don't even care
whether your profile makes you seem like badass or a loser. (Oh the irony,