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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

The Soma Tantra

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Published: 3 years ago

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When the moon god Soma Chandra defies his brethren by kidnapping their guru's new wife, the gears of war are set in motion. An age-old conflict between demonic Ashuras and godly Devatas is rekindled amid Antarloka's heavenly sphere. Meanwhile, Shiva and his consort Kali plot destruction, dispatching agents into the fray. Mortal races square off against immortals as the balance of power shifts and through it all, it is a single human girl who can trump either side... Steeped in Hindu Myth mixed with elements of Greek Tragedy, The Soma Tantra puts a fresh spin on fantasy while serving up a sumptuous dose of adventure!

Ben Lachini

The Soma Tantra is a modern day Epic Poem in a class akin to The Epic of Gilgamesh and Homer's Iliad / Odyssey. Very few such works have poured out from our collective unconscious throughout history and even fewer are available nowadays, but this is truly a masterpiece crafted by an exceptional Storyteller and Poet. In today's world and specifically in the Western hemisphere, here is a diamond in the rough that has yet to capture the popular imagination. Unfortunately, it may never do so, since the spirit of this gift has been traditionally reserved for those who possess a certain degree of discernment and interest in esoteric topics. It's highly recommended for students of philosophy and spiritual seekers who'd like to raise their level of consciousness while simultaneously enjoying a superb tale. This story touches upon and elevates all the tendencies, proclivities, and conditions (Sanskaras) that make up us human entities (which should increase your focus regardless of what path you find yourself on). What's more, it will probably make you roar with laughter at key points calculated by its witty author. Who knows? Maybe you'll even fall IN LOVE with The Soma Tantra's subtle beauty as it familiarizes you with major figures of Hindu Mythology!

Alex Buzzard

This is an epic tale from an author with an extraordinary imagination. The tale is steeped in metaphor about the nature of the universe and the workings of the human psyche and the dangers humanity faces if it fails to recognise its own nature. A truly absorbing read.


Obsidian Eagle

Obsidian Eagle is a pen-name for this META-Poet who has been very active in social media since 2010. He's an indie author and literary guerrilla who goes against the grain of the commercialized publishing industry. Furthermore, Obsidian is a longtime practitioner of Shaiva Tantra and and is currently writing an epic trilogy in honour of Shiva-Shakti. Check out his website if you'd like a taste of Metaphysical poetry that at least tries to transcend egoism!

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