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The Silent Cinderella

Haruka’s POV
Jennifer was annoying me again. Bugging me actually; because she really wanted to watch a
movie with me Friday night but… Quite frankly I didn’t want to go. I told her no bluntly, I
told her no sharply, I told her sadly, I made up excuses but… She wouldn’t let up.
“For the last god-damn time Jennifer I don’t want to go see a movie!” With you… I didn’t
add in the last part because I was afraid she would get emotional like she always does when
someone rejects her; whether it be in the queue for a club or a competition, she can never
take it well. I remember one time we were snow-boarding and I told her that I wanted to g
back to the cabin when she slapped me for suggesting that we ‘cut her precious snow-
boarding time’ short….
Oh well... I might as well go…
I was just about to tell her this when she suggested; “How about we see a show then…” I
looked at her in disbelief.
“What sort of show?” Now she was looking at ME in disbelief.
“Why Chinese Cinderella silly!” WTF? Chinese Cinderella?
I rubbed the back of my head in excuse. “Actually… I think I was meant to do that thing for
the thing tonight…” I laughed awkwardly. I’m not used to lying…
She smiled but I could tell Jennifer’s face was showing disappointment. “Ok then, maybe
some other time…” she sighed and I suddenly got a feeling of sympathy for her… I was
letting her down… Again… and the worst part is it’s the third time this week.