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The Silence: What It Is and How to Use It

"All is Good."
We are entering upon a new consciousness for the human race, a
higher plane of mentality, and a greater development of the spiritual
In spirit, of course, there is no wrong, no sorrow, no grief,
no misfortune, no losses, no reverses. In short all is perfection.
The age in which we are living has not yet developed this
spiritual understanding. We are still of the earth--earthly--and we are
still in that consciousness where the physical is affected by
seeming misfortunes, reverses, sorrows, griefs, trouble, sickness, etc.
We may be wise in not expecting that suddenly this generation of
man will reach that spiritual plane where there will be no recognition
of anything except good.
We are a part of the Infinite Spirit ourselves and, of course, in spirit, we are perfection. But this
physical body of ours manifests imperfection from time to time, because of our past training and
past thinking, because of our own consciousness. In time there is no doubt in my mind but that
the spirit within will make a perfect body without. This perfection will be recognized in health
and in peace of mind. It will be recognized so that there will be no such thing as
misfortunes, sorrows, reverses, failures, griefs, disappointments or losses being able to affect our
mentality or our body. In this state of consciousness, as we are emerging from the chrysalis,
material stage of man into the greater life, into the deeper spiritual understanding, we are subject
to certain conditions not conducive to peace of mind without an effort. In other words, we
recognize, or feel the effects of losses, misfortunes, disappointments, sorrows, griefs, etc.
We recognize now, that the time is coming when the spirit will be so completely in control of
matter in the body, that we will not recognize any inharmony. To reach that Great Spirit is one of
the big forward steps in this generation. To reach that spiritual plane also means the right kind of
thinking now. We plan, today, for tomorrow. This is true in every walk of life.
We plan our home today--and build it tomorrow. We make our merchandise today and market it
tomorrow. We sow our seed today and we reap the harvest tomorrow. We build our career today,
little by little, and we reach the outcome tomorrow. Therefore, our thinking today will
change our tomorrow. The thinking of this generation will change the condition of tomorrow's