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The Sheik's Dangerous Lover

She grinned as she picked up her skirts and slipped down the hallway where all the waiters were
moving back and forth. It would be so much easier to be invisible if she could go in through the servants’
entrance instead of the main doorway. She suspected the sheik and his entourage were waiting at the
bottom of the staircase, greeting each of the guests as they were introduced.
With a smile of delight, she peered down the hallway, exc ited to have snubbed the sheik in such a
way. It was small and possibly petty, but with such a powerful man, it wasn’t a good idea to snub him
blatantly. So these small rebellions were all she could safely contrive.
She stopped at the corner, then turned slightly and peered down the ha llway, trying to figure out if it
was safe to enter through this hallway or if she should find another.
Malik Badri del Rahal, She ik of Kanaan, spotted the flash of silver out of the corner of his eye.
Raising his hand, there was immediate silence from his aide who was walking beside him.
If there hadn’t been numerous attempts on his life recently, he never would have agreed to this
weekend. But even Malik accepted that the best way to stop the assassination attempts was to marry
quickly and produce an heir. Or several heirs, as he had been advised on numerous occasions.
Malik had resisted the idea, preferring to concentrate on keeping the country growing. The idea of
taking the time out to marry and produce an he ir seemed like a ridiculous waste. But after the fourth
attempt on his life, Malik knew that something drastic had to be done.
It wasn’t that he didn’t like the company of women. No, he definitely enjoyed that part of life. With
great relish, even! It was just the idea of be ing tied down to one woman that bothered him. His advisors
had told him over and over again that being married didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy variety. He’d just
have to be more discreet about it.
The idea left a bad taste in his mouth, but he’d gone along with the marriage idea. And the most
expedient way to accomplish the task was to gather as many eligible women to the pa lace and simply
select one that would get the job done. This was the third such weekend, and so far, no woman had
captured his attention. At this point, Ma lik was willing to just point to one of them and have the decision
over with. It seemed crude, but he was tired of these weekends filled with ba lls and elaborate dinners.
He had things to do, and taking time to soc ialize with a group of overly made up, primped and starved
women just didn’t seem like a good use of anyone’s time or money.
The flash of silver disappeared down the servants’ hallway and Malik walked quickly in that
direction, determined to capture whoever was sneaking into the ballroom. He knew it wasn’t a servant,
since they were in gold and maroon uniforms.
The thought crossed his mind that, if he could capture the silver flash, perhaps he could get some
answers on the plot to get rid of him. If he could find out who was trying to kill him, he could eliminate
the threat and there wouldn’t be an urgent need for him to marry and produce an heir.
Malik knew that his aide was following, uncertain as to why they weren’t heading towards the
ballroom. People were gathering already, eager to see the sheik and present their daughters for inspection.
But what he saw as he turned the corner was more fascinating than any crimina l intent. The curved,
lush bottom pointing in his direction caused his body to react with unexpected interest. Why would
someone send a female to kill him?