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The Secret Pillars of Writing

The Secret Pillars Of Writing, A Crash Course Jeffrey A. Friedberg
* We‟re going to start out here slow and easy, with basics
presented simply. We will gradually build our basics into the
Secret Pillars of Writing.
If you‟re writing a book, it‟s one thing to be a poet, or have
poetry in your writing, but another to write a book that isn‟t a
Poetry does not equal book.
There are pitfallsRules for your novel, traps to avoid,
publishing prejudices. Plot, Structure, Character Arcs,
Plotlines, and all kinds of fancy stuff. I‟ll boil it down; I‟m
condensing and simplifying it for you.
At the outset of your book„s plot and structure setup, you
should introduce your Hero or Heroine Character. Introduce
them in their every day Real World and set the tone. Make the
Hero/Heroine of your book real, fully rounded, compelling,
flawed, likeable, relatable toand do it right off the bat.
Get into his/her head and show their desires, fears, and their
admirable or hateful or other compelling traits.
They don‟t have to be “good,” as long as they‟re really
good at something, even Evil, thievery, conning people, or
whatever traits you choose.
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