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The Secret Pillars of Writing

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Published: 4 years ago

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Author: Jeffrey A. Friedberg

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Ever wish that you could write like your favorite authors? What if you could - almost like magic? Bypass know-nothing classes, clueless meetings, and long sessions of reading countless books on writing. Why let yourself be led by "authors" who really do not know the modern secrets of blockbuster book and screenplay writing? A crash course in legitimate secrets of writing by a published author with Five-Star acclamations for flair, originality, "roller-coaster" action scenes, and more. Download this FREE e-Book today!


I would like to thank the author for this very interesting book, for sharing with us the secrets to write a good novel and even if I'm not an English mother tongue I understood very easily every passage.I will surely read his latest novel "Lost Relic Of The Gods".


This writer means well and his tips agree with every good book on writing. If this book speaks to you and you learn from it then, cool. I've read many how to write books and, this one would not have worked for me. It covers too many important points too quickly for the novice to grasp. It's sort of like a rush course to being a brain surgeon that says: "Don't mess up the brain." Great advice, but is it enough? When he says every sentence must contain conflict, he's right, but what will a novice understand from that? Will they think every sentence has to be about an argument or fight? After you read this book, you may need more detailed explanation. If you do, check out How to Write a Damn Good Novel, I and II at the library. They helped me a lot.

Shatikika Jefferson

I'm an English literature professor at Temple University and I just wanted to say that this little book is the best set of blue-prints for successful writing that one could hope for. I especially recommend it for aspiring writers, teachers, book clubs, and both high-school and college courses. Mr. Friedberg gives out his secrets for advancing the story at riveting speed. I might add i have read his newest novel "Lost Relic Of The Gods," and it is a real nail-biter---so the proof is in this pudding! :)

Max Charles

As an experienced editor and writer, I want to acknowledge this gem - Secret Pillars of Writing - and pass it on to newbies and experienced writers alike. Friedbeg has compiled an amazing write-your-best-novel kit in under 100 pages. For aspiring writers, he lays out the cardinal rules for writing top-notch, heart-pounding, must-read novels. For experienced writers, he throws out one gem after anotherfor how to make your writing fresh and exciting. This little book contains the most important elements of plot, structure, characterization, pace, conflict and lot more from someone who knows how to do it. Hard to believe he would give all of this away for free. I especially liked Friedberg's handling of writing sharp dialogue, non-stop suspense, and gripping conflict. One word of caution - don't read this book without reading Friedberg's newest suspense thriller "Lost Relic of the Gods." It is an essential companion to the Secret Pillars of Writing. You'll get to see everything he recommends in action. I've read dozens of books on writing and this one takes the most important highlights of ALL of them and condenses them into a fast. read. This book is essential for every writer's library. Enjoy! P.S. This is the only Writer's Guide that actually reads like a suspense thriller itself - with a bizarre Hannibal Lecter-like humor that makes for easy but thrilling reading.

Jenny Nathan

I'm a professional editor and writer, and have a few observations for writers and budding writers who want to learn to write like their own literary heroes. Jeffrey A. Friedberg's Secret Pillars of Writing is a real find. It's a down and dirty instant recipe for success for any writer.


Jeffrey A. Friedberg

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