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The Secret Adversary

5. Mr. Julius P. Hersheimmer
"WELL," said Tuppence, recovering herself, "it really seems as though it were meant to
Carter nodded.
"I know what you mean. I'm superstitious myself. Luck, and all that sort of thing. Fate
seems to have chosen you out to be mixed up in this."
Tommy indulged in a chuckle.
"My word! I don't wonder Whittington got the wind up when Tuppence plumped out that
name! I should have myself. But look here, sir, we're taking up an awful lot of your time.
Have you any tips to give us before we clear out?"
"I think not. My experts, working in stereotyped ways, have failed. You will bring
imagination and an open mind to the task. Don't be discouraged if that too does not
succeed. For one thing there is a likelihood of the pace being forced."
Tuppence frowned uncomprehendingly.
"When you had that interview with Whittington, they had time before them. I have
information that the big coup was planned for early in the new year. But the Government
is contemplating legislative action which will deal effectually with the strike menace.
They'll get wind of it soon, if they haven't already, and it's possible that that may bring
things to a head. I hope it will myself. The less time they have to mature their plans the
better. I'm just warning you that you haven't much time before you, and that you needn't
be cast down if you fail. It's not an easy proposition anyway. That's all."
Tuppence rose.
I think we ought to be businesslike. What exactly can we count upon you for, Mr.
Carter?" Mr. Carter's lips twitched slightly, but he replied succinctly: "Funds within
reason, detailed information on any point, and NO OFFICIAL RECOGNITION. I mean
that if you get yourselves into trouble with the police, I can't officially help you out of it.
You're on your own."
Tuppence nodded sagely.
"I quite understand that. I'll write out a list of the things I want to know when I've had
time to think. Now--about money----"
"Yes, Miss Tuppence. Do you want to say how much?"