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The Secret Adversary

25. Jane's Story
HER arm through Jane's, dragging her along, Tuppence reached the station. Her quick
ears caught the sound of the approaching train.
"Hurry up," she panted, "or we'll miss it."
They arrived on the platform just as the train came to a standstill. Tuppence opened the
door of an empty first-class compartment, and the two girls sank down breathless on the
padded seats.
A man looked in, then passed on to the next carriage. Jane started nervously. Her eyes
dilated with terror. She looked questioningly at Tuppence.
"Is he one of them, do you think?" she breathed.
Tuppence shook her head.
"No, no. It's all right." She took Jane's hand in hers. "Tommy wouldn't have told us to do
this unless he was sure we'd be all right."
"But he doesn't know them as I do!" The girl shivered. "You can't understand. Five years!
Five long years! Sometimes I thought I should go mad."
"Never mind. It's all over."
"Is it?"
The train was moving now, speeding through the night at a gradually increasing rate.
Suddenly Jane Finn started up.
"What was that? I thought I saw a face--looking in through the window."
"No, there's nothing. See." Tuppence went to the window, and lifting the strap let the
pane down.
"You're sure?"
"Quite sure."
The other seemed to feel some excuse was necessary:
"I guess I'm acting like a frightened rabbit, but I can't help it. If they caught me now
they'd----" Her eyes opened wide and staring.