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The Secret Adversary

15. Tuppence Receives A Proposal
JULIUS sprang up.
"I thought you were aware of that."
"When did she leave?"
"Let me see. To-day is Monday, is it not? It must have been last Wednesday--why,
surely--yes, it was the same evening that you--er--fell out of my tree."
"That evening? Before, or after?"
"Let me see--oh yes, afterwards. A very urgent message arrived from Mrs. Vandemeyer.
The young lady and the nurse who was in charge of her left by the night train."
Julius sank back again into his chair.
"Nurse Edith--left with a patient--I remember," he muttered. "My God, to have been so
Dr. Hall looked bewildered.
"I don't understand. Is the young lady not with her aunt, after all?"
Tuppence shook her head. She was about to speak when a warning glance from Sir James
made her hold her tongue. The lawyer rose.
"I'm much obliged to you, Hall. We're very grateful for all you've told us. I'm afraid we're
now in the position of having to track Miss Vandemeyer anew. What about the nurse who
accompanied her; I suppose you don't know where she is?"
The doctor shook his head.
"We've not heard from her, as it happens. I understood she was to remain with Miss
Vandemeyer for a while. But what can have happened? Surely the girl has not been
"That remains to be seen," said Sir James gravely.
The other hesitated.
"You do not think I ought to go to the police?"