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The Prisoner in Hell - A True Story

I spent nine years incarcerated in the State of Texas Penitentiary.
I have just finished revising my book, and to be truthful it still needs more work but
time is a factor for, the most important thing to me is getting this information out into
the public domain as soon as possible this is a reason why it is short and brief,
probably to brief.
I first wrote this book in 2007 after arriving back in the UK, this is a very true
story but one which will be hard to believe, I try to support everything with facts and
events written thousands of years ago that are repeating themselves today.
I refer to the Bible a lot but this is not a religious book however it dose contain
real true spiritual happenings which makes this book a spiritual book, It has been
referred to as delusional by some, but that is due to spiritual ignorance, something that
sadly many people suffer from, however if you approach this book with an open mind
I think you will be amazed.
Torture is described in a way never thought possible. I am not a writer so do
not expect this to be perfectly written because it is not, however it will open your eyes
and certainly give you food for thought while increasing your knowledge at the same
This may well be the best and most worthwhile time you have ever spent, and
who knows maybe one day I will be able to explain things even better.
I have not changed any facts from 2007 only cut out some repetitions, but not
all because I want to keep it as original and in the conditions that I first wrote it in, I
wrote it live, one may say, I just hope that now it is easier for people to understand.