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The Prayer Seeker

Michael Woodthorpe hasn’t attended church for many years, not since his time as an
evangelical in his early twenties. O ne winter he decides to take early retirement in order
to search for the God he used to know.
As he comes to terms with his new existence, he must face opposition from both his ex-
girlfriend, and his ex-wife, whom he hasn’t seen for years. He must also find a way into
discovering the riches of prayer and so he begins a series of religious encounters with a
spiritual director. When his journey brings him face to face with the mistakes in the past
which had made him walk away from God, he must find a way to resolve them if he is to
fulfil his God- given potential at all.
What Others are Saying about The Prayer Seeker:
“I found this account of spiritual growth and development to be thought provoking,
helpful, interesting, and (dare I say it) inspirational. All our experiences are different, but
for me this was a sharing of personal and faith development that I found fascinating. Buy
this, read it.” (A reviewer at Amazon UK)