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The Plot to Overthrow

The Plot to Overthrow

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Published: 3 years ago

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Written under a pen name for a reason. President Obama, ALL Senators and Congressmen have hard copies. Hollywood IS talking movie. Also available directly from the authors website The author flirts with the mind, causing it to dance between fiction and reality. Five leftover hippies from the 60s meet later in life and figure out a way to overthrow, destroy, and completely dismantle the United States Government. The ending is so stunning the reader will sit in stunned silence as they wander... CAN THIS REALLY HAPPEN. The author owned a top secret security clearance and fills this book with "Inside" truths about your government. Download FREE or FREE from the author's website. Your political world views will be changed forever. Why FREE? Some things are not about money and this needs to be read BEFORE the election.


The author is right is so many ways and the clear FACT that everyone in Israel and the world are GENTILES. Your vision is skewed covenant thinking seems to be your stumbling block. There will be no stone left standing! STILL in effect today and there are new and better ways.This guy knows more about the USG than most people I have ever read and his way to really CHANGE this government once and for all is nothing but SPECTACULAR.

Michael Clarke

the term "gentile" refers to all peoples who were not enjoined in holy covenant with the God of Israel, Yaweh, and had absolutely nothing to do with the geographical location of a person's birth. And what i seem to be, to you, is of absolutely NO consequence to me, mate. A "gentile" who converts to Judiasm is still a gentile", because they were not a party to God's first covenant with the descendant of Abraham, unto whom the covenant was made.


The proof is simple ... the author seems to have popped your Christian bubble. To refer to DNA markers proves you missed the whole point of following a blood line.


The author was on the MARK about the fake Jews and Christians and you seem to be in denial about the simple facts of who was a gentile. This book is beyond good it blows every religious and political mind.

Michael Clarke

A really good way to straighten one's faith in Christ is to read the pseudo-scholarly works of some secular humanist or atheist and find places where the author(s) diverges from the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the writings of His apostles, which predate almost every type of research the author had compiled for the production of his own work. In the very beginning of the work, where the writers character of Professor Samuel Walker tears the religious beliefs of his students to shreds, this reminded me of the anti-religious rantings of some of my own college professors. Happily i attended a small university in central southeastern Oklahoma, so i didn't run into alot of this. Some of my professors were even self-professed Christians. i found the megalomaniac rantings of the professor in the story, thought invoking, but i am cognizant enough of world history and the histories of world religions, that i could pretty well determine just where this fictional fellow strayed from holy Scripture, thus aptly illustrating the fact that this man really didn't know the NT scriptures pertaining to the razing of the Temple of Solomon in A.D.70 recording Jesus' predictions to his followers He was also, apparently unaware of the eschalogical Scriptures to be found in the book of Revelation. Still, much of what i read that the author wrote as pertaining to the operations of the United states government i found fell right into line with my own findings Also, what the author had to said about the false religions of Islam and the Roman Catholic Church to be, actually, pretty close to the mark. Though what he said about Judaism and the foundation of the ethnicity of the Jewish people of Palestine to be WAY off the mark. The author seemed unable to grasp the concept that though Abram came out of Ur of the Chaldees, the issue that came forth from him were the first Hebrews, aka the child of Israel, at a time when no tangible nation of Israel yet existed. Before this time there was no race of people referred to by the Hebrews as "Gentiles", meaning not of the Hebrews, not partakers of the covenant made with Yahweh. Ergo, Abram (who later became known as Abraham) himself would not had been considered a Gentile.

elina smirnova

It's quite all right as a story, kept me wanting to find out what the "plot to overthrow" was. But in the end I was somewhat disappointed. Although the book has several interesting ideas you'll easily find something more interesting to read.

Michael Perkins

Strange way of writing, strong subjects handled in a throw away style. Once you get used to it, it is a good read, as said before by others (above), a bit loose with the 'facts'. Michael502

David Thornton

Don't waste your time. This book is unreadable. It a self righteous liberal screed that takes every talking of the left as gospel. The characters are neither likable nor as smart as they think they are. I finally decided to give up and find something more interesting although it is rare for me not to finish a book. On a technical level, the writing isn't very good. A good proofreader could help. The dialogue is stilted and unnatural.


Some of the "facts" do not measure up to legitimate research. For example, God's covenant started with Adam & Eve so technically in the beginning we were all God's chosen people - it wasn't until after the flood that Shem's blood line became the set apart one that became the Hebrews and the lineage of the Messiah. Also, genetic markers found in the Ashkenazi Jews prove that they were not converted Khazars as some scholars have claimed. Otherwise - interesting and though provoking!


I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Not too long, enough suspense and movement to keep me returning to finish it. A good light read.

Dianne Blake Loflin

Downloaded and read this book yesterday. Could have done without the gratuitous sex but the plot of the book was really thought provoking. Re-reading parts of it today, really made me think about what our government could be up to.


Mohammad Goldstein

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