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The Pillar of Dominance

Chapter 7
The First Lesson
Day broke with a brilliant pink sunrise spilling over the horizon in a
raspberry flood. Warren awoke and lightly touched his wounds. They felt
tender, but the pain had noticeably reduced. The cut in his hand was nearly
healed. He gingerly rose onto his elbows and was pleased to find that he
could sit up without much struggle.
"I can't believe I feel so much stronger already," he said to Bloom
who was writing a note at his desk. "Do you have any more of that green
“Good morning,” said Bloom, looking up from his work to
acknowledge his guest, his eyes briefly flickering past Warren as if seeing
through him. Warren followed his gaze, looking behind himself at the
portrait of the lady warrior hanging up on the wall. He was about to ask who
she was when Bloom rose and went into the kitchen. The old man soon
returned holding a tray with an enormous pitcher of green smoothie and two
ceramic mugs. Setting the tray down on the cluttered desk, he poured the
smoothie and brought one of the mugs over to Warren, keeping the other for
"How does this heal me so quickly?" asked Warren.
"Greens catch and store the brilliant healing energy of our star within
their cells. Plant juice is basically liquid sunshine," explained Bloom,
smacking his lips after taking a sip. "Greens hold within them all the
nutrients your body needs to rebuild itself from the inside out."
Warren took a series of large gulps from his cup.
"When can you start teaching me magic?" he asked.
"Right now," said Bloom, settling back into his armchair. "Because of
the nature of my curse, I will not be able to show you how to cast a spell, but
I will do my best to explain how it is done."
Warren nodded solemnly.
"We will begin by studying some botany. Since plants use the original
source of magic, they provide much to learn from."
"What's the original source of magic?" asked Warren.
"Get dressed," said Bloom, downing the rest of his smoothie, and
tossing a stack of clothes onto Warren's bed on his way back into the
kitchen, "You'll find out soon enough."
Warren carefully sat up in bed, slipped his arms through the rough
linen tunic he had been given, and pulled it over his head on top of the