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The Pillar of Dominance

Chapter 2
The Girl at the Market
Wendell sprinted through the commotion of the main street, ignoring
the surprised glances of the townspeople. His wet blond hair bounced
against his forehead as his legs carried him effortlessly forward through the
crowd. The cobbled street was lined with vendors selling and trading goods
of many kinds. There were fine ceramic dishes, weavings of silk and wool,
magic infused armor and gadgets, alongside endless booths of freshly
prepared foods. Delicious smells wafted through the boulevard in
mouthwatering torrents. Running past a pastry table, Wendell grabbed an
apple tart and without slowing his pace, took an enormous bite.
"Hey!" yelled the baker. "I know where you live, wizard scum!"
Wendell laughed and increased his speed, happily stuffing what
remained of the pastry in his mouth and licking some yellow cream from his
fingertips. Wendell sprinted in the direction of the castle. Glancing behind to
see if he was being followed by guards, he suddenly bumped into an
obstacle. With a jolt, he looked before him at a young woman whom he had
nearly thrown to the ground.
“Watch out!” she said, her face hidden behind a curtain of red curls.
Apples rolled on the ground in every direction. She knelt to collect them into
a silver pail.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t see you,” mumbled Wendell apologetically as he
stooped to help her. He could not recall ever noticing her at the market
before. She wore a white dress that seemed light as air and gave her every
movement a sense of effortlessness. Apple blossom petals were tangled
magnificently in her hair. Wendell went to reach for an apple, when
suddenly she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and he caught a glimpse of
her face. She was strikingly lovely, with an exquisite composition of
features. Her large eyes were uncommonly bright and clear. Wendell bent
down lower craning his neck trying to get a better look of her face. She
remained entirely unaware of his attempts to steal a second glance at her.
Picking up the last apples, she finally straightened and looked up at him for
the first time. Wendell slowly mirrored her movement, paralyzed by her
beauty. He handed her the only apple he was able to pick up, and she broke
into a gorgeous smile.
“What is your name?” asked Wendell.
“Why do you want to know?” she responded, lifting one elegantly
arched eyebrow a fraction above the other.