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The Pillar of Dominance

Chapter 3
The Peculiar Delusions of Patient #338
"Ever wonder what's up with that place?" asked Jim, jabbing his
thumb in the direction of the creepiest hallway Nella had ever seen. Jim was
a notorious insomniac in his late forties who was prone to supernatural
hallucinations. He was perched uneasily on the edge of a plastic chair
outside an office door. Nella took a seat next to him. She wondered if she
too would be here well into her adult life. Nella couldn't help feeling some
compassion for Crazy Jim seeing as they were both likely to be nuts;
besides, he had a point.
"It does seem odd doesn't it?" she said, looking down the hallway.
Even the staff avoided walking through that portion of the corridor,
and it wasn't hard to see why. An eerie pulling sensation grew from the
depths of that space from which a cool draft emanated even when all the
doors were closed. Something beyond description saturated the atmosphere
in that place, and one had to be pretty dense to miss it. She tried to recall if it
had been that way the week before. Somehow it seemed like a recent
development, although she remembered other places she had lived also
having passageways with a similar feel. Sometimes it had been an archway,
or a door frame. One time it was a narrow street alley near her foster
mother’s house that had held this same bizarre quality.
"Some kind of something is over there," said Crazy Jim uneasily,
wiggling his fingers erratically. "I just know it!"
"What do you think it is?" asked Nella.
"Don't know, a vortex maybe?" suggested Crazy Jim. "Or portal to
another world?” He nodded seriously making his dreadlocks bounce along
his shoulders.
"You think?" asked Nella, respectfully going along with his story.
"Oh sure, it’s got to be, unless it's a ghost," he shrugged. "It could be a
ghost." Crazy Jim stroked his chin thoughtfully.
An exhausted nurse made her way toward them. Her walk suggested
sore feet and uncomfortable shoes.
"I see you've found yourself a new friend, Jim, how wonderful," she
said in a falsely affectionate tone. She hunched over him like a mother hen.
"It's time for bed now, let me walk you to your room." Crazy Jim started to
"I told you, I can't sleep in my room, there's a giant weevil living in
my closet," he stood unsteadily. “Besides, it’s still daytime.”