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The Pillar of Dominance

Chapter 2
Salvador the Hero
The next morning at breakfast, the King praised Salvador’s essay. He
went on and on about the thoughtfulness and clarity of the concepts as well
as the effective use of verbiage and illustrative metaphors.
“In fact, it was everything I had hoped it would be,” he said with a
smile. Salvador looked pleased with himself. Warren listened with interest
as he ate a bowl of applesauce.
“The only thing that would have made it better is if you had written it
yourself,” said the King. Salvador froze. He gaped wide-eyed at his father, a
spoonful of oatmeal half way to his mouth. The King slapped down that
morning’s newspaper on the table before him. On the front page was a
caricature of Salvador kissing some frilly young woman.
“Stupid paparazzi!” grumbled Salvador, eyeing the sketch.
“Salvador, this is politically unacceptable behavior,” said the Queen.
“Oh big deal!” shouted Salvador. “I kissed a girl! I’m sixteen!” He
shoved his chair away from the table, making the dishes clink together. “I’m
tired of living in this prison.” He rose aggressively, and stormed off.
The royal family ate in silence for a moment.
“It was a very good essay,” said the King to Warren with a wink.
Warren smiled and quietly excused himself from the table. He
followed the direction Salvador had taken. He searched for his brother in the
study and in his bedroom but his twin was nowhere to be found. Finally,
Warren went to the stables. Salvador’s horse was missing. Warren walked
around to the neighboring stall. A magnificent black stallion whinnied, and
swung its head greeting the boy. Warren produced an apple from his pocket
and held it out to the animal. The horse happily chomped it up in one juicy
“Moonlight, have you seen my brother?” asked Warren patting its
nose. He pulled a saddle from a peg on the wall and placed it over his horse,
fastening the straps around its body. Warren opened the gate of the stall and
led the horse out before pulling himself up into the saddle. Moonlight broke
into a gallop, delighted to be outside the stable. Warren directed him toward
a small forest up head, enjoying the rolling rhythm of Moonlight’s hooves
striking the grass below. Warren loved to ride. He felt a slight breeze scoop
inside his shirt, and he urged his horse faster, racing across the field. The
new day sparkled against the dome above. The clear, half circle of glass