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The Pillar of Dominance

Chapter 1
The Love Letter
The history teacher held a ruler up to the chalkboard and drew a thin
white line. “There have been many different eras,” he said. “Back and back
they go, long before recording systems were even developed.” He waved a
chubby hand away from himself as if to suggest the many eons of time that
had elapsed. “Today we will discuss the four most recent, and therefore most
pertinent millenniums. The Diamond Era was the time of the great
clairvoyant seers,” he explained, drawing a vertical dash through the line at
one end. “The last diamond has been lost to us and so the clairvoyant era is
never to repeat again, although it was a time of great progress in the
evolutionary consciousness of man.”
Two teenaged boys watched him from behind identical desks, but the
pair of them could not have been more different. One was a slender, dark-
haired youth with introspective auburn eyes. His features were soft and
almost childlike, having not yet matured into the face of the man he would
become. His long hair was bound in the back by a thin leather cord. He was
dressed in a loose fitting black tunic and brown leather trousers. He watched
with interest, leaning forward over his desk, resting his head on his elbows.
The second was a robust young man, tall and broad. He sat with his
arms folded across his chest, leaning back in his chair. His blond hair
gleamed like straw as it spilled down the back of his neck. The chair seemed
uncomfortably small for him. His face contained every feature suggestive of
strong character; a well-defined jaw, a chiseled nose, slanted cheeks, and a
large forehead. He wore a billowing white shirt with full sleeves that were
fitted in the cuffs. His large blue eyes had the glazed look of poorly
disguised suffering.
“Next was the Amethyst Era,” went on the historian, pushing his
spectacles up on his nose and drawing another dash ten inches away from
the first. “It was a time of wizardry and magic, where any person could
acquire powers with which they could rule the world. Naturally, it was a
time of immense bloodshed and destruction.”
“Any person?” asked the dark haired boy.
“Yes, Warren,” replied the teacher, “Magic was equally accessible to
anyone who chose to study it.”