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The Pillar of Dominance

Chapter 1
It was a pleasant summer morning. A drowsy breeze wound gently
through the air. An old man was busy tending his rose garden. He was bent
over, carefully pruning the thorny branches. His white hair gleamed like
snow against his faded purple robes. Behind him an impressive mansion
towered into the sky. Built entirely of stone, it had the look of a small castle.
Diamond shaped winking windowpanes covered the front of the two-story
building in a series of repeated arching windows that disappeared around the
side of a pudgy tower. The yard surrounding the house was filled with
various blooming plants that perfumed the air with their sweet aromas. A
swimming pool shimmered in a light blue spot among the gardens to one
side of the building.
A postman paused on the outside of the stout, wrought iron fence that
lined the perimeter of the property.
"You've filled that boy’s head with dangerous dreams," said the
postman, scowling as he glanced through a thick pack of envelopes in his
hand. A red envelope sealed with brown wax stood out from the rest.
"What is a head for if not to be filled with dreams?" replied the old
man, straightening up upon seeing the postman. He lifted a hand in greeting
and then glanced at a small sundial attached to his wrist by a leather strap.
The pointer on the face of the dial followed the direction of the sun on its
own without needing to be adjusted. "Any moment now…" mumbled the old
man, holding his wrist to the light and absently stroking his short beard.
"But can he be entrusted with such a severe responsibility?" asked the
postman. His overgrown eyebrows furrowed together forming a deep
worried wrinkle on his brow.
“He is by far the most gifted student I have ever trained,” said the
The postman shifted his weight uncomfortably.
"Never mind the fate of the world, think about the boy for a moment.
He has no chance to succeed, you know that! You are sending him to his
death!” The wizard’s face was neutral. “Even if he survives he will be left
with a sense of disappointment that will break his spirit and undermine his
confidence for the rest of his life," said the mailman, handing the old wizard
the letter. “Is that what you want? The letter shook in his outstretched hand.