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The Pillar of Dominance

Chapter 6
Alefia’s Request
Wendell collapsed on the couch. It was late afternoon and the mansion
felt hot and stuffy. After days of endless study, he felt physically and
mentally exhausted.
“Try it again,” said his master.
“I’m tired,” replied Wendell. “Let’s take this up tomorrow.”
“No!” insisted his master. “You must learn it today.”
“Why?” resisted Wendell.
“Because tomorrow, you will be learning to freeze an opponent
amidst action.”
Wendell sighed.
“Acrilla-mikerdova,” he said. An nearly inaudible whisper emanated
from a rolled up scroll on the short table before him.
“Again,” commanded the old Wizard.
“How is this useful again?” asked Wendell.
“You can use this spell to extract critical information from a book,
scroll, or even another person’s mind without them even noticing. You do
not always have the time or the opportunity to ask questions, or copy a
precious text.”
Wendell grimaced. The rigorous training was wearing on him.
“Acrilla-mikerdova!” he yelled angrily.
Those who won’t ask, shall never see, what truths bewitch the
tongue’s last plea,” whispered the scroll, the words loosely formed in
ghostly cursive letters as they were uttered before shattering into tiny grains
of disappearing sand.
“Good, now keeping that intensity, pronounce it a little bit softer,”
said the old wizard. “If you are extracting a message from a map in the hand
of a sleeping general, you don’t want his entire army to hear you.”
“What does that even mean?” asked Wendell indicating to the scroll
on the table.
“It means that a dying man’s final wish is what is most telling about
the contents of his heart regardless of how he lived his life.”
Wendell wondered what his last request would be. It was difficult to
sort out what he would ask for if he could only ask for one last thing. He had
recently faced his death in the arena, but he still didn’t know what he
There was a knock on the door. The two men looked at each other,