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The Pillar of Dominance

Chapter 25
On the Road Again
In the morning, Warren asked the King to meet him in the council
room. While he paced the diamond patterned carpet waiting for his father,
Warren held the crolackrolite bead in his hand and thought about what he
could do to ensure its safety for the next thousand years. The stone felt cool
and heavy within his fingers. He regretted letting it go, and regressing back
to his own limited powers, but he knew it was the right thing to do. In time,
his own abilities would grow stronger, and although they were hard to earn,
those skills would truly belong to him. He understood that unlike the stone,
his own powers could never be lost or taken away.
The King arrived, and together, Warren and his father placed the
magical stone inside the glass case alongside the Seers Map of Diamondell.
It rested peacefully in the center of a silk green pillow to one side of the
ancient map.
“It is a powerful object,” said the King. “It will require special
protection from those who will undoubtedly seek it.”
“I will learn a protection spell,” said Warren, “and I will apply it to
this case.”
“Where will you find such a spell?” asked his father.
“In one of Bloom’s books,” replied Warren as they left the room
heading downstairs for breakfast.
“It must be done as soon as possible,” said his father.
Warren nodded started towards the door.
“Hold on,” said his father. “There is something I need to give you.”
Warren turned to face him once more. The King reached inside the
glass case and pulled out a small wooden box.
“This is an ancient treasure that belonged to your ancestor, Aleafia
Goodlin Miramar. I want you to have it now.” Opening the box, the King
pulled out a broach with a glowing ember. The thin line of flame keeping the
object aglow appeared to be alive, and even radiated warmth. Warren’s
father pinned the broach to the front of his son’s tunic, right over the young
man’s heart. “May the courage you have found never burn out,” he said,
briefly resting his palm over the broach.
Warren smiled at the King, and touched the ember in awe. It reacted
to his touch by flickering at the point of connection. The ember was
pleasantly warm to the touch and lovely to behold.
“Come, you have yet to see what breakfast looks like in the Green