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The Pillar of Dominance

speed of lightning he dipped an arrow into a flask at his belt. A thick green
substance covered the metallic tip when he pulled it back out. He took aim at
Bloom's back. The archer released the arrow.
"Ash!" yelled Warren, shaking with adrenaline. The arrow burst into
flame as it darted through the air, dissolving into gray ashes upon impact
with Bloom's back.
Warren scanned the battlefield. Nella stood near him. Her eyes were
frightened and her hands tightly pressed to her mouth. She watched Warren
wide eyed, and unaware that an enormous monster had crept up behind her.
It leapt upon her, its oily green skin glinting in the firelight.
"No!" shouted Warren. Flames churned in his chest. He felt a fire
rising to his face and hands.
"I am fire," he said firmly, his hands clenching into fists. With a
sudden gust of whooshing wind, a wall of flames rose from the ring of
stones at the heart of the battle. Everyone looked up in shock. In a twisting
spiral the flames shot toward the giant green lizard attacking Nella. The
beast shrieked and tore off into the night wearing a dark singe mark where
the flames had touched it. Seeing this, the other monsters screeched in horror
and fled as well. Warren looked around. Bloom had enlivened several pieces
of rope that were quickly binding the ankles of men who had not managed to
escape. His troop was safe. Warren fell to his knees in exhaustion. Just
before Warren lost consciousness, he was dimly aware of his armor
tightening around his body in a metallic embrace.
Chapter 12
The Map
"Is he going to be alright?" asked a sweet feminine voice.