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The Pillar of Dominance

Chapter 11
A Meeting of Wanderers
"Wooffen, stay close. It's not much further," said Bloom, as they
trudged on in the total darkness. Wooffen trotted over to his master's side.
Every now and then the tops of his velvety ears would lift ever so slightly as
he listened for things inaudible to the ears of man. The road was rough and
rocky. Warren had already twisted both of his ankles many times, and could
feel them swelling uncomfortably inside his shoes. He wondered whether he
would be able to walk at all the next day. The wounds on his chest had
finally pulled closed but they still stung when he twisted his torso in any
direction and threatened to split open once more. Warren hated the
loathsome armor that weighed on his body. Its loose, icy touch made him
stiff with cold. He could barely stand from exhaustion. It took all his will
and concentration to not fall behind his companions, and he limped stiffly
after their dark, bobbing forms.
Suddenly, Wooffen whined a quiet warning. They froze, and listened
"What is it Wooffen?" asked Bloom unable to hear the disturbance
himself. Wooffen pressed his nose to the ground and crept forward in a
crouched position.
"What's going on?" whispered Warren.
Bloom pressed a finger to his lips.
"I thought you said this desert was uninhabitable?" said Warren.
Bloom gave him a stern look.
They continued carefully forward. Before long they were able to
make out the muffled sounds of conversation, and could see the dancing
shadows of a campfire leaping across the red boulders around a small
campsite ahead.
"This could be dangerous," said Bloom. "Be prepared to use magic."
"I'm not prepared to use magic," said Warren weakly.
Bloom stepped forward in the direction of the camp.
"Oh no. We're not going over there, are we?" hissed Warren.
Bloom ignored the question leaving Warren no choice but to follow
"Oh well," sighed Warren, hurrying to keep up with the wizard. "So
long Wooffen, don't look for me in the morning, I'll likely have been some
monster’s dinner by then." Warren felt an unpleasant squirming sensation in
the pit of his stomach as he headed toward the firelight. It was