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The Pillar of Dominance

Chapter 10
Session Number 4
Nella took her usual spot on the red leather sofa. Dr. Morgan was at
his desk still engrossed in some paperwork.
"Good morning Nella," he said, smiling broadly and tossing the
papers aside in a thick stack.
"Good morning indeed," said Nella, observing his mood. "Have you
asked Sarah why she chose to stay with you?" she asked curiously.
"It is not appropriate for me to talk with you about my personal life,"
said Dr. Morgan looking out the window to avoid her gaze. A small cleft
formed in his cheek to the right of his mustache.
"I can already see that you have," said Nella with a smile. "What did
she say?"
"I know you don't have to ask to find out," said Dr. Morgan, "and that
is why I appreciate the question even though I don't intend to answer it."
Nella beamed.
"Those thoughts are your private property, and I will do what I can
not to trespass, but if you keep thinking so loudly, I will not be able to help
it. Since the only thing louder than sad thoughts are happy ones."
Dr. Morgan helplessly broke into a smile.
"You would have to see it to believe it," he said, guilty with
"Perhaps you can show me?" suggested Nella.
"Nella!" exclaimed Dr. Morgan. "What am I to do with you?" He
grinned sheepishly.
"Close your eyes," said Nella.
Dr. Morgan sighed, but complied, and as he did so, his mind was
instantly filled with flashing images of hours past. They flickered before him
in a rushing slideshow. Bits of conversations zipped by as his mind raced
through the records of his life. The office shifted and swirled around him
once more, morphing into the living room of his own house. With a final
wobble, the walls snapped into their new shape, supporting the familiar
structure of his own house. His life had rewound to the pervious evening. He
was sitting on the couch. Its fabric was itchy and uncomfortable even
through his clothes. He was wearing his favorite wool sweater. The room
was warm and quiet. Sarah slipped in silently, and sat down on the opposite
end of the couch, holding a mug of tea in one hand. She picked up the
remote control and switched on the television. A buoyant toothpaste