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The Pillar of Dominance

Chapter 9
"We have five more days to reach the pillar before it vanishes for
another millennium," said Bloom.
They had broken for lunch after a strenuous trek. Bloom dipped a
spoon into a small pot above the campfire for a taste of the soup. Wooffen's
nose quivered in the direction of the spoon.
Warren poked at the hot coals with a stick. "And we have no idea
where it is, no way of getting another map, and are three days behind our
competitors for the Dominance, few of whom are likely to be traveling on
foot," he said with a note of panic in his voice.
"Everything is not so bad," said Bloom, adding a pinch of spices to the
pot from a leather pouch.
"Not so bad?" cried Warren. "We've covered only half the distance we
planned to this morning due to my injuries. Even if we were to reach the
windore in time, what makes you think the treasure will be there, that we
will be able to recognize it, or that it will be any assistance to our quest at
"Now that you have learned to wield magic yourself, there is hardly a
need for my help," he said.
Warren rolled his eyes.
"As for Wooffen," Bloom went on, "his nose is among the best of all
the dogs on the entire planet of Earth. I gladly entrust my safety to his
"Time has taught me to trust life's events to unfold as they do," said
Bloom. "If we do not yet have the map, it is because we do not need it."
"We must do something!" Warren groaned, grabbing his hair with his
"We are doing all we can with what we have been given," said Bloom.
"You don't understand!" shouted Warren. "All will be lost!"
"Can you know that for a fact?" asked Bloom calmly.
Warren stared at him blankly as the old man continued, "Let us look
at what we know to be true, not in theory, but in reality. At this moment,
nothing is lost, you are recovering most excellently, and we are about to
have a delicious soup."
Warren snorted. "In a desert filled with horrible wild animals, with a
wizard who cannot use magic, and a four-legged troll for a guard!”
Wooffen shot him a resentful glance. Bloom patted his dog on the